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Christian Roselund

You know, I never actually met Ashley. But I respect the hell out of him from what I know second-hand, and I'm glad to hear that finally he is getting some respect on the national level.

Sometimes it is the sons of used-car salesmen from Pensacola who really are the important people in this world. Don't forget it.

Hang in there, Hana.


I just googled Ashley after hearing his name on Colbert. Brought me to this post. Is there any kind of "best of Ashley" post anywhere. I want to learn about his story. Sounds like a cool dude.


It does seem surreal and fucked up, in that this is a dream come true for Ashley, but it's happening after he passed on.

Jared, consult the "Greatest Hits" on the sidebar. That's a good start.


I just watched this on Colbert. I'm still new to the AM story, but it really rings true to the story that David Simon is trying to tell. I absolutely cannot wait to see Treme on HBO this Sunday. To think that Ashley is being honored by having his own words read almost line by line from a well known actor in such an anticipated work of art is beyond description. This show is going to be a tour de force. I've never been to NOLA, but I almost moved there in the summer of 2005. Hindsight, as they say in NOLA.

I'm listening to WWOZ and wondering if FYYFF made it into the script somehow. Colbert seemed to piss on Houston, so that's a start!


Big ((((((hugs)))))) to you from me. There's a lot about all this that is just crazy - in a terrible, beautiful way. All we can hope for is that somehow, somewhere, Ashley is taking all this in. At least I hope so.

Hana Morris


It is not just this. Saints won. Can you imagine what he would do? He, who got a Saint's logo tattooed on his arm?

And last year, he was an actual float in KdV.

He seriously took on this life after death when everything is finally happening for him. But as I said, the fucked up thing is that he cannot enjoy any of this anymore.


I never met him, but he put into words a lot of what i was feeling after the storm.

Every time I wear my FYYFF t shirt, I think Ashley and am proud to be a New Orleanian.


Sometimes things happen that make me wonder if he's still around. Just way too many weird coincidences. And, if you don't believe in such things, his work did matter to many folks while he was still alive, which is why we miss him and he has achieved so much today.


I read his blog but never had the privilege of meeting him and yet was still heartbroken over his death. It is giving me chills (the good kind) to think of how he is living on in so many ways, and continuing to help and defend our city.

Mark Folse

Yes it's fucked up that he's not here to see this, but we always knew his words mattered, that someday they would matter not just to a small group of people but to the world, that all that energy was not spent in vain.


I can't stop wondering what he would think of it all, and have a hard time thinking about much else myself right now (ask my coworkers). It is kind of twisted around, but somehow seems, overall, good. Thanks so much, Hana, for sharing your thoughts about this with the rest of us. You are certainly in our thoughts.


It's wonderful that he is memorialized this way. He continues to be an amazing force.


"It is not just this. Saints won. Can you imagine what he would do?"

No, it's hard to imagine, but I enjoy trying.


The thing I loved about Ashley is his ability to put on a good ole southern cussin' rant and still be such a gentleman in a one-on-one conversation, whether he agreed with you or not. At least that was my experience and not everyone has that talent. I remember being thrilled the first time he commented on my blog.
Hanna, I have to say I do think he knows what's happening here. Nola was too much in his blood, in his very being that he can't not know.
All my best to you & the kids.


I too never met Ashley in person but he will always be one of those very special people that made the world a better place for being in it. He kept me sane in those dark years of recovery with his sharp, passionate posts defending the city and her culture. He voiced what we were not hearing from the press or our politicians - the truth. I wish he was here to see the fruits of his labor. I miss him, even without ever meeting him. I can only imagine how hard it is for the people that knew and loved him. I thank you,though, for sharing his spirit with us all.


I'm one of the many who read Ashley's blog after the storm, and was awestruck by him. Realizing he was the Mime in that first, amazing KdV post-Katrina, made me admire him even more. That parade gave me strength, and hope, for our return. I was heartbroken by his loss, and now, in one of those strange connections life offers, by the equally sudden and unexpected death of Treme writer David Mills (another great blogger as Undercover Black Man!).

Thanks for posting here about Treme, Hana. I hope things are well with you and your children.


dear hanna , one of the reasons i stayed semi-sane after the federal flood and was able to rebuild my home and life were ashley's words.

thank you for keeping his words alive in cyber space.


Ashley had a gift with words, he was extremely intelligent, and a joy to debate and/or banter with. I did not agree with his views all of the time, but I had to respect his passion and love for the city.

I am happy that his words live on and can be heard by the world. He really left a mark on each and every one of us, and we are better people for having known him.



No, where the hell did I leave my eye-black?


Hana, I never met Ashley but I read his blog faithfully. I grieved his death and cried many tears here in my house in a town between Defuniak and Pensacola.

He had more influence than he ever dreamed. I'm grateful that David Simon is giving his words a voice through John Goodman. The casting couldn't be more perfect.

I agree with Maitri. I truly believe his spirit is still working through other people to get the message out about New Orleans.


What Mark Folse said to the 5th power.


I have gone through and found a bunch of old posts of my own where all I could do was reference Ashley because he said it better than anyone.

I believe in the passing on of energy after one leaves us. I think he is still here in the air and driving the conversation. A wonderful afterlife. Especially when part of that Air of Ashley is embodied by John Goodman.

side note:
We will be featuring the video of Ashley and Oyster talking about blogging that we shot a few years ago on HB.


Hi Hana,
I don't know if you got it, but I sent you an email about how I found out about Ashley, and how much his love for his family, the city, and life affected me. I know as much as you must be so proud right now this has to be hurting you too. My thoughts will be with you


Hana ~ Just wanted to tell you that you, Ashley, and your family are being thought of tonight.


Ashley was a wonderful person. He cared, and that is not a common trait. When I was doubting what I was doing online, he told me to keep going.

Ashley is with us. I treasure the pic with the two of us at the Violence protest rally.

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