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Nowadays everyone seems to go to extremes to either drive home their views or suggest that anyone else in the world is wrong.

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I was on a busy street, but no one stopped to help except you! You guys, this guy stopped his car in the middle of the street, got out and yelled at them & pushed a couple of them away from me. This fine, fine gentlemen then offered to give me a ride away from the group, which I gratefully accepted.

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Chris, thanks so much for heinlpg spread the word about Net2NO! We're so glad you're involved, and really appreciate your support. Look forward to hanging out again at the July meetup, if not sooner.Thanks again! You rock!


You sure DO have one of the cutest kids ever, Angelle. I don't think I've ever cnmeeotmd on here but I figured I might as well come out of the shadows. My sister and I met you years ago at a couple of CFC conferences in Gulfport, and we know the Burnetts, too (in fact, I think you were sitting in front of us at Mr. Steve's funeral). On a different note, your photography is gorgeous and I've really enjoyed seeing your work over the last few months! Thanks for taking the time to post such beautiful pictures!


the igbo youths are cotnent being Nigerian must be talking about igbo youths in Lagos especially i know cos i left lagos to school in the east.has any one ever bothered to find out why aba boys make substandard goods? anybody in the manufacturing industry(an industry that almost doesn't exist) knows that sourcing credible materials is almost impossible. these people are trying to feed their families and u forget that people buy because its all they can afford.recently my dad stoped for a drink at a kiosk in lagos and orderd a soda, as the woman opened it his phone rang and he began to speak in igbo, can u believe she snatched the drink out of his hands and asked him to get out. he said he was so mad he really could have killed her. all day he sat looking at his gun shot wound from the war wondering what could have was a sad day for him cos he thought there was still hope.i admit to being prejudiced via my dads iinfluence but growing up in lagos i got my own experiences i never expected. hearing 'omo igbo oshi' can only be likened to how black Americans feel when they are called the n fact the n word has no hold on me because it means nothing to me. personally i find if i talk about the biafran war i'd rather talk about it with the child of a hausa man to understand their own take in the whole matter than with a yoruba person because i really think they don't know whats really happening. actually, many people don't know.i hope and pray it never comes down to a war again, infact i don't think the igbos will go down that road again.(oso abiola showed this clearly -if u don't know what this find someone to explain it)personally again, i am as Nigerian as the next person and would like to see people open to change and integration but if there could be a peaceful secession, i wouldn't mind it. YES, I SAID IT!


unrelated to this topic (other than the looking hot as hell part) you were laiyng it down at tabor last night! so rad seeing up there gunning it- nice work.


Milton Weir - google him & read what Ian Wishart/Investigate wrote of him in 2007 etc.Apparently inelvvod with prostitution rackets and other dodgy corrupt dealings.Now, wasn't Laniet supposed to have been spilling the beans on her alledged incest the day she was killed? Wasn't she a prostitute at one point in her life too?If so, wonder if she ever had dealings with Milton Wier and other corrupt Dunedin cops? What's the bet she did? Funny how her electronic diary was never seen again. What a coincidence eh!Now what would the corrupt Dunedin cops be thinking on the day of the murder?Hmmm, now if Robin Bain was the murderer, the question would have to be asked, "why?". And you can bet that apart from the alledged incest, investigating "why" would bring out further allegations/reports of corrupt police activity such as drugs and prostitution involvement etc. So wouldn't the corrupt cops then want to ensure that there was no heat or traction on these etc? Well what better way than to divert attention to David Bain and frame him instead. Perfect eh!Now I do not know for sure whether David Bain is the killer or not, but I cannot see a motive. For the father, yes there is a motive. For corrupt cops, then David was the perfect scapegoat. This is just my opinion, I hope investigative journos, bloggers, Ian Wishart etc, has the time to look further into the corrupt goings on of the Dunedin Police. What Investigate has reported on so far has been very interesting.Now here's a conspiricy theory.... David and Robin did not kill the family. Corrupt cops (or associates) did to ensure Laniet's expose of incest and prositution never saw the light of day. Crazy conspiricy theory you ask? Maybe it is but that goes a hell of a long way explaining why the entire family was killed and how convenient, they knew David was on a paper run and had the time to do so. Funny how forensic evidence wasn't preserved and the house burned down by Police two weeks later. So much evidence went up in smoke that day.Someone should get onto Weir's ass and the other corrupt cops etc. Someone is bound to squeak.

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