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That's what it is, you're right. When Goodman gets wound up, he gets a big booming voice like a preacher. When Ashley got wound up, he was more like the Tasmanian Devil, with brief pauses for air and to glare at people. He didn't use volume so much as this sort of wide-eyed unhinged sarcasm.

hana M.

Thank you! You get it!


Is there any doubt in our minds that FYYFF is on the horizon?


Exactly right.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

Thanks Hana.
"John Goodman was good but he did not look crazy and that's the difference. There were many people who would not argue with Ash simply because they were scared, because he look like he was gonna loose it."
By Goddess! I know that feeling!
I never got the opportunity to see Ashley Go Off, but have read nearly every word of this blog, many times over.
However, I did get to meet him and talk at length at the Buffa's Partay, the one and only time I saw the Rising Tide.
Ray, I got the "wide-eyed unhinged sarcasm" though.
Thanks y'all.


Well, at least I called that one.


Favorite line of the night for episode 4.

Daniel Z

As soon as he sat down in front of the camera I was like "this has got to be it".

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How would Ash say that? huh?

Nursing tops

you damn right! got it! LOL

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Hi. I just started a wikipedia page for Ashley (unfortunately, I messed up, so it's "Ashley morris", not "Ashley Morris". Feel free to work on it and make it better (try and keep it within wikipedia's guidelines or it will get dropped).

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