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Chills. Clearly meant to be. I'm so happy the piano's found a home & another piece of the universe is connected.


The Goddess works in strange ways Darlin'.


Hana, that is the coolest! I love that story. Clearly the guy was meant to have it if he just lifted a lid and found the cables! Bravo, girl! Have a great Thanksgiving.

Dr. A



Soooo cool!

Hey by the way, the offer still stands for basic piano lessons for any or all of the kids... keep that in mind.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wow. Thanks for sharing this :)

Carrie Guevara

Oh sweetie. That is so awesome:)

Dan the Music Master

Cute post. Thanks for sharing.

Mr. Clio

Freaky, but somehow not entirely surprising to me, Hana. Some things just make sense.


Thanks for sharing that story. I was so excited to hear that Ashley's words might be used in the TV show. It would be so good for you, for him, and for this city.




Synchronicity. Ashely is missed.


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Finn Fremdgehen

Awesome, i´m ardent!


Wow, that is amazing. Hey, will there be a FYYFF episode?


That is too perfect! It MUST be right. I hope it works out for you. I hope Treme does right by Ashley. He was one of a kind. A GREAT New Orleanian,


hey hanna
just thought i try to connect with family and ran across this crazy blog site for Ash. Wow...I am Debi Barnes Mumpower. My mother was Ashley's Aunt Vera. We were all very close at one time, but all grew away after time....


Did you see this? Do you think John Goodman may be playing the part inspired by Ashley?
I hope so!

piano guide

Goosebumps. No doubt it really is meant to be, Good thing he found the cables. (that's the spirit of searching) n_n

Jordans 5

Stories seldom told,Flowing by the skyline,My love songs that never rhyme.I Stand alone and alone,lingering by my secret rainbow


That was just meant to be. If you would have know the cables were in the piano. You would not have meet him.

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