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These are wonderful photos. I love the one with the cow in the frame looking at you. Too cute.


Wow, how the kids have grown. Katerina is exhibiting signs of Young Woman. They are beautiful, Hannah. Have a nice trip.

Mr. Clio

I can certainly understand the attraction of both places. Wow. Beautiful pix.

NOLA ain't easy, but it does have its charms.

I hope you come back!


Especially Love the goat pix!

Eugene Célibataires

Are you sure it is the kids who really NEED to be in the city, because they wouldn't be able to adapt elsewhere? Kids are easily adaptable, the younger the easier ;)


Wow, by the time I return for Rising Tide they will have doubled in size!

Miss y'all a lot!


I like how Ray is regarding the cow with suspicion. Can't wait to see y'all when you come back!


Nice to see.


oh great

Marta Cerco Ragazza

So beautiful pics...I love these countries...all seems peaceful and so much a holy place!


Cute pics! thanks for sharing. I agree with the people over here, the younger the kids are the easier for them to adapt.

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If you leave them at a farm for summer they will not suffer because they are children.

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Seems that it was a great day.

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Great! Cow!! hehehe =)
Hmmm i wish i could play with it too..hehehe

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Thanks, It looks so much fun! Wish I could come

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