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Dear Redditor, you gave me a tissue in the car because I started to blubber, were super nice to me and dropped me off about a mile away - safely away from the group. It wasn't until you were driving off that I saw the Reddit Alien sticker on your back window.
I hope you see this. I want you to know that I deeply appreciate your kindness & bravery. It renews my faith in humanity that you stopped to help a complete stranger. You Sir, are a hero.

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lmaooooo what these 2 goofy white bitches know bout steert wear ahahah biggest joke ever. snobbyass white girls from the burbs think slappin a wu tang symbol on they clothes will get themm props geeks


I've drank more vodka than any 6 people coibenmd on this blog, and all I'll say is- it all gets you to The Magic Kingdom! When on an expense account(30yrs.!) I could order and drink anything I wanted.. We would go to the most upscale restaurants in town, and when drinks were ordered by the group, it would sound like this: "Dewar's and a splash", "Crown Royal Manhattan", "Beefeater's Martini", then me- "Vodka Gimlet light on the lime, Generic would be elegant"...

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How absolutely adobarle and what an awesome wife you are! Our GD birthday is Dec. 2 and both my MIL and SIL are Dec. 15th! They all get their special day and presents. Agree with you on the RSVP let's start a movement!


My OB is in Guelph. Women are weighed at the nuesrs desk, surrounded by other patients, nuesrs etc. I can't even begin to tell you the number of times my weight was yelled back and forth between nuesrs and doctors.During my second c-section, I was asked my weight, and could hear the doctors making jokes in the background. I am so sad that is part of my birthing experience.Jenn


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Meh, i've never been the type to go to a brick and mortar store for music. I'm from Whitehall, we didn't HAVE a store that sold music. The ol dial up was my msaciul savior, but now i've grown up, become and adult, and realized that there is no such thing as a free lunch.Someone is losing in this whole downloading thing, and it's definitely not the downloaders so they need to quick freaking whining.


PS if that organic vodka is anytihng like that damn organic low-sodium soup I bought back when i was pretending like I wanted to be healthy - I want NOTHING to do with it!! I'll eat Braja's bacon. But would prefer Kettle one, extra dirty, three olives please. May I request that my order be placed now? It kinda sounds like you might be friends with some people with drinking problems.


Hope it's not H1N1, Vodka. I really hope it's just the reuglar, run-of-the-mill flu. Scratch that! Why would anyone "hope" it's any kind of flu? I hope it's just a little common cold. =DTry inhaling the scent of vodka from the palm of your hand (rum's much better). That may make you feel better. Please don't question my remedies. ;-)


Well, this got me right, but I'm not sure how I mean, we are the Pepsi generation, and cola beaevrges aren't even included among the snacks, nor is reading and this is a blog about a writer and books!But this is definitely me:You are a Caramel Castle cupcake not actually a cupcake, but more of a petit four, with neat slices of yellow cake separated by precise layers of boiled caramel icing. You are a responsible perfectionist who is organized and detail-oriented. You are hardworking and punctual, and you usually follow the rules. You are logical and analytical. You take steps to be prepared for all contingencies. Your preferred careers include scientist, researcher, engineer, network administrator, or CEO.

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