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Shit on a stick!

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.



You know you have all of our love, Hana. I'm so sorry.

Elspeth Ravenwind

Hugs Hana - treat yourself nicely.


Hugs, girl. Thinking of you and the kids.

Michael Homan

Thinking about your and your girls today Hana.

Mr. Clio

For some reason, I thought it was 4/2, and I didn't even see the documents.

Will bring bottle.


I have just the (virtual) bottle for you: A popular libation out here is -- wait for it -- Hana Bay rum! No, it wasn't named for its potential use in your daiquiri machine, but for the historic town on Maui named Hana. (It is actually made in, as the man himself might have said, "fuckmook California".)

Malama pono (take care of youself) and Auwe! (no translation necessary).


many many hugs


Take care, Hana. I'm thinking of you this evening.


(((Big hugs)))


And on this "happy" occasion, the fucker who stole my bike tried to steal a sander and battery charger from my garage. I pulled in front of my house to let Anna go pee and there he is, in my driveway, with the sander and the charger in his arms. I started screaming at him, the woman behind me called the cops. I really need this today. Fuck. I just want to wake up tomorrow.


Fuck da'Reaper.
Sinn Féin, Rolla'Sista.


We've never met, nor did I have the chance to meet Ashley, but I followed his blog and yours, and my heart is breaking for you right now. Please take care of yourself.


We're thinking of you.



Sad and thinking of you and the kids. (Like Mr. Clio, I thought it was 4/2 as well.)


I thought it was today too. And like Lisa and Chris, I'm thinking about you and the little ones as the rain pounds down.


Well, it turned out that the date is a bit complicated thing. He died during the night from the 1st to the 2nd. Till yesterday, I believed he died on the 1st. However, someone talked to him shortly before midnight on the 1st so yeah, it was probably the 2nd.
But honestly, it really does not matter. On the death certificate is 2nd so let it be 2nd. Does not really matter to me. I cried my share yesterday and today is a new day.
Besides, I don't remember much from that time. I was happy to remember what my name was. So I say I get a slack on remembering my husband's death date. Right? Right!



Banzai Bill

I had a drink for him last night, and I'm drinking for him tonight. I miss him too, but not as much as you and the kids. My thoughts are with you.

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