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Hanna, Many of us are staying here in New Orleans. Soon I'll have the yards fixed and ya's can bring the kids over here.


I know. I have been thinking about you lately for some unknown reason.

It will get better. It is just really depressing right now

G Bitch

It's a wave, Hana, one of the dips. It happens on a terribly regular basis. I know it's hard. Cling to those who are still here. Others, they may be back; maybe they just need a break. Personally, I rely on alcohol and cable TV.


D and I have to go, Hana. My family needs us more than New Orleans does right now. It can't be all or nothing with this city. If it is, we'll all go crazy.


Since I have been staying at home, I have the time to read blogs. That is the only way I know of you, reading through this blog.

I'm old enough to be your grandmother so I know about hard years. I wish I could send you a hug. I admire you.


We're still here continuing our love-hate relationship with NOLA. In our case, it's mostly love.

Michael Homan

I would never blame anyone for leaving New Orleans. While I love this city, and fight hard for it, the minute it became clear to me that I HAD to leave I'm sure I would not be able to get out of here soon enough. Do what is best for you and the kids, whatever that might be.


The whole problem is that you can't fight for New Orleans when you don't live here. And yes, I know I just pissed you off. BUT - if New Orleans was so wonderful and worth fighting for, why don't you live there?
If you don't live here, you are fighting for something you yourself don't want.

Now, I know there are people who are forced to leave. But there are those who choose to leave.
When Katrina hit NOLA, we chose to come here and help the city because it was like helping a dog who just got hit by a car. Maybe we are too much of suckers but it felt right. Now the dog recovered but he is still limping, has flees, and nobody wants him. If you leave the dog, it will die on the street.

I guess Ashley and I just could not abandon people, pets, and places that desperately need help. But everybody is different and you choose your own priorities.


I, too, have noticed that the focus is shifting. My constant trolling of craigslist has yielded more and more everyday stuff and less and less stuff relating to the rebuilding process, which is what I'm looking for (though it did yield that little gem I sent along to you). Yes, I'm angling to become one of Schroeder's "outside do-gooders", except that I'm not quite "outside".

It would be tragic indeed if the incomparable NOLA blogosphere were to start drifting apart bit by bit. Nothing like it exists anywhere else that I am aware of, not even in technology hotbeds such as the Bay Area or NYC. Time to recruit new bloggers, or at least commenters? Interest has been expressed from as far away as Hawai'i...

I have always identified New Orleans with cats rather than dogs. This was one of the first things I noticed when I got there: that cats were everywhere, in people's yards, on porches, etc. Besides, like New Orleanians, cats are individualists. Plus, 'tis said, they have nine lives...


I'm sorry if you feel as if you're being deserted. That's not a good feeling.

Please remember that the New Orleans blogsphere is made up of a lot of people and there are people out there that you don't know personally that are thinking of you and check in on you on a regular basis.

One of your friends is moving to Slidell? It's not as if it's another state or anything, Slidell's only 30 miles away. I drive to NOLA every day to work from Slidell and it's a piece of cake.

It's not just New Orleans that bring the people together, it's our common experience in living in a post Katrina world. THAT'S the thing that makes the New Orleans blogging community stick, IMHO. Whether one blogs from Orleans, Plaquemine, Terrebone or St. Tammany Parish, we're all one group (well, except for those that like that crazy drunken Mandeville mayor).

Hana, many people care about you. Know that.

Ashley's passing left a huge hole in the blogging community. With the first anniversary of his passing fast approaching, I think this blogging group should do something to mark this somber occasion. Something that Ashley would love. You all knew him more than myself, so whatever you decide, I'll try to pitch in.


I'm just sad.

I would do anything and take any job no matter how shitty if I could stay here, but I have to follow my kids and where they will live is in the court's hands now.

Whatever happens, I will try to be back here in a few years. Before Big Rey reaches middle school, for sure.

I do feel like there is not much left to the blogger "community" of a couple of years ago, and I think it splintered when Ash left us. Now we're back to being all wrapped up in our own little lives and our own little groups. When was the last time we all bothered to have a big party together where anybody could come? The funeral, that's when.


Hey Hana,

We're here and we're staying. We should get the kids together--we live just a few blocks away.


My main man Wet Bank, who's the reason I became enmeshed in this whole blogosphere thing in the first place (I found first Ash, then many others, through his link), is all over it like, like y'all would say, white on rice.

"I know that as sad as the parting will be for the strange band of NOLA bloggers it is not the end of New Orleans in the aggregate or the individual. Immigrant Maitri and old line Creole Loki are like us all deeply imprinted by this place, and will carry it with them wherever they go. Their leaving does not dilute the city but expands the franchise. They will go to their separate corners of Ohio and teach the Buckeyes how to cook and to eat, how to drink and to dance, how to live and be happy, how to turn sack cloth and ashes into a costume and parade."


We had to leave once, too. We came back, much sooner than we'd anticipated. There's more than one way to keep this place in your heart, and for those who are having to head out, the hold this place has on 'em won't be shed that easily.

This is a rough, rough time for everyone right now, including me. I haven't been this distressed, really, since 8-29-05 and just after,and that's saying a lot.


Hang in there. C'mon by if you need. Or I can head over there...with beer & Popeyes in hand.



Oh, and perhaps we need to check out who gets a pass now:


I'm still here, still blogging, still fighting, and about to have another baby soon. I rode out Gustav with my 6 month old last year, and liveblogged the whole thing.

That said, I wouldn't be too hard on people. Almost everyone I know has come and gone from here several times since K. I've never questioned their loyalty. We all have our reasons, and ultimately do what is best for us personally, no matter how we try to spin it.


You rule! Man, that is partially insane but very cool. I am too much of a chicken shit to stay here during a hurricane. I even stayed up till 2 am last week because I was freaked out about a tornado watch. Watch, not warning!
Good luck with the baby. I love new New Orleanians.


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