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Mark Folse

I've heard some of the chatter (but won't spill another subKrewe's secrets), but I'm glad to hear it.

Any chance you're marching?


I am definitely there. Krewe of PAN, white outfit.

Mr. Clio

Can't wait to see this. Can't wait.


Ashley is still the best cursing ranter!


Ashley already made Mardi Gras better. Links to his posts rained bad Karma back at Carlos Mencia; the Krewe of Orpheus has dis-invited him to be a "celebrity rider" and performer at their ball. Bitch slapped ego and wallet. SWEET!


The float was awesome!

david simon


This is David Simon of HBO trying to reach out and connect with the Morris family. As you know, our little drama is preparing to film its pilot episode in March and we are intent on honoring Ashley and his writing as well. Can you reach me by calling the Treme production office at 504-799-0122 and leaving a message with a callback number with Lyndsey. Much appreciated. DS.


Hi, Hana: I lost your email address! - Caroline

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BEAUTIFUL..thanks for keeping the light shninig on this tradition of our heritage/lineage alive. With costumes rich in history merely respecting/paying homage to Native Americans for allowing African American slaves into their society, masking in their tribes, thus assisting many in escaping to freedom .CELEBRATING BLACK HISTORY


This looks great! I'd try it tomorrow, but I've aleardy got a turkey brining up, just in time to enjoy with your storm (expecting a foot + here in VT). Thanks for the recipe, and stay warm!!


THANK YOU for opening our eyes to this goroegus group of people. May they continue and expand their legacy of human harmony & justice and HAVIN' A GOOD TIME!

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