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I think about him most days. I probably always will. At least I hope I will.


I miss him, too, but by God, I'm glad YOU are still here.


Me too, Babe, me too.
I agree with Liptrap and Greg.


I never had the pleasure of meeting you or Ashley. I was a year too late to Rising Tide to do so. He was such an inspiration to me...the anger, the passion, the eloquence. You are a lucky woman to have joined souls with him, though it was for much too short a time.

My best, always, to you and your children.

Mr. Clio

He made my life better.

He still makes my life better.

He gives me hope every day.

Your continued thriving does too.


I came by because I counted the months today.

Thinking of Ashley

Carrie Guevara

Thinking of you.

Elspeth R

Blessings Hana. If there were a pic of you and the chirrens, I would lolcap it "Strength...ur doin it right!"
The world lost a friend. I never got to meet him, but his writing was spot on. I can only imagine (based on the fantastic accounts by you and all who knew him) what a stellar force he was.
Hug yourself, hug the kiddos - and know you were loved. Hugs, Elspeth


Hana, I'm so proud of you. I was 12 when my dad passed, and I remember the strength of my mother. She was so there for us. Your being there for those little ones WILL matter, even when they're grandparents themselves.

As for Ashley, I get a little pang every time I fold laundry and there's his name on tshirts. Then of course there are the FYYFF and Sinn Fein art pieces Varg so beautifully made hanging here in the house.

You both inspire, for different, but equally important reasons. Although the strength of the two of you together and apart will always inspire.

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