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Giving a little to his fund today. Hope it will change the bad mojo I seem to have had sitting on my back this past weekend. At the very LEAST, it will be in remembrance of a true mensch.


I miss him very much. Would've been nice to celebrate with him yesterday and commiserate over the Saints together.

If you need someone with a Y chromosone and 2 left feet for the dance, I'll gladly oblige.

Carrie Guevara

Hugs honey, hugs. Love you.


My best to you & the kids.
HBD, Ash.


One of my personal heroes. An odd thing to say about someone I met only once, briefly... though I am but a year younger, he was pretty much what I want to be when I grow up.

I just quoted him in my non-NOLA online hangout today, as a matter of fact. He used the f-mook word eight or nine times in reference to Hornets owner-fuckmook George Shinn.


I was seriously bummed yesterday and then I remembered why. I miss the big mon a lot but not as much as y'all do. You should make Erster dance and film it. Sounds hilarious to me.


The calendar reminder popped up and said Morris, Ashley's birthday. Enjoyed my sandwich and a glass of wine in his honor.


I think I will make him dance. It has to go through the approval committee first, though. She does get to pick who her dancing partner will be...


Great advice. Ashley'd be very happy at the coming election I imagine. Good changes are coming; Yes we can.


Our corn looked like the one on the right! Has somtehing to do with pollination and how each little silk goes to its own kernel. Some were unfulfilled ..Left by Susan a.k.a. Leslie's Mom on October 6th, 2005


This happened bsuecae the majority of the Negro population are violent by nature and they abuse and sell drugs,where there is a large black population you will always find guns,drugs,gangs,robberies,assault,crackheads,prostitution and nice caring people but facts are facts.


THANK YOU for opening our eyes to this googreus group of people. May they continue and expand their legacy of human harmony & justice and HAVIN' A GOOD TIME!

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