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This is a time-honored political tactic known as "Look at the Funny Monkey."

In other words: "Ooooops, did I get busted trying to give myself a massive pay raise? Gotta do something to get my voters' minds off of THAT little boo-boo. How about I pretend that I am trying to pass some grossly racist legislation? That always plays well in my district."

Keep in mind that previous holders of the LA House seat this guy holds include David Duke. "We gotta stand together as white folks against all those welfare-stealing colored folks" ALWAYS plays well in this district.


I wrote about LaBruzzo's genocidal idea on my blog, too. What a jerk.

Mr. Clio

Yes, Republicans don't want government involved in healthcare--unless the government is assisting the poor and the nonwhite mutilate themselves.

hana Morris

In fact, Communists did the same thing with Gypsies. I forgot what the incentive was but it was something like "we will give you money/we will take money away from you" deal. Same as here.


And to think, I had just stopped calling Metry "Naziville", 'cause David Dukkke moved over to the North Shore.

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