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Mr. Clio

Maybe the State Police have really SPECIAL phones.

Or maybe their callers are just dumb and insensitive as rocks.


I was thinking "you can call him later but he won't be here anytime soon"


This is a notorious fundraising scam. The dunce who called you doesn't actually work for the Fraternal Order of Police, but for a professional (?) fundraising firm that keeps a substantial chunk of whatever it manages to raise (from the living, one hopes) on their behalf.

Meanwhile, I have completed my Tribute to Ashley, but I don't know where to send it so that someone who's actually down there can read it at the event on the 26th.


Telemarketer or con artist and not a very bright one at that.


Many years ago when I was in college I made some of these calls. They were dishonest then and have gotten worse in the intervening time.

Remember the phrase "Put me on your do not call list". Some people will not listen unless you utter the magic words.

If that fails make them tell you who they actually work for. And where they are. I believe Federal Law requires disclosure


I was just slightly amused by the stupidity of this guy. I usually just hang up so it does not bother me. This guy was obviously so used to saying " I will call later" that he did not even realized what a nonsense that was in this case.


If he DOES get a hold of AshMo tell him to drop the word that we miss him.


I get the very same calls from the same people and tell them no thanks all the time. I don't know how much of a scam they are, but if you ever receive a call from the Vietnam Veterans Association of America, Puppy Patrol, or Police Dogs, those three ARE a scam perpetuated by the same company. They give less than 10% of what they collect to the charitable causes they claim they are calling on behalf of. It is not technically illegal, but it is despicable.


I've been absent dealing with my ill mother - but pool happy hour is in place every Thurs and you and the kids are very welcome. Email me for directions

Alan Gutierrez

Actually, I can't find a website for Louisiana Police Fraternal Order. There is a Louisiana chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police, but no LPFO.

It is a common tactic of telemarketing scams to pose as police or fire organizations.

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