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Alas, I have no tangible items worthy of being auctioned. Even if I did, they probably wouldn't get there in time.

All I have is a wriiten tribute to Ashley completed a couple of weeks ago. Is there any interest in a reading with that and other works such as Wet Bank's poem, found here?

If so, let me know where to send it. Aloha!


Send it to Loki. He is in charge of my life
:-) Or at least of the Benefit.
email me and I will send you his email.


I can track him down (already did, in fact). Internet research is a specialty of mine. If only the 'Net had gone public a few years earlier than it did, Google or the equivalent might have been in a side-street building not far from you.

Seeing as how I don't "officially" have your email, I just didn't want to surprise you out of the blue, is all.

And on Sat., "laissez les bons temps rouler"!

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