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I stumbled across these Nihola trike bikes the other day. They serve a similar purpose to a trailer but with a lot more stability. Sadly, I think they cost about as much as a used Honda Civic. But they are pretty cool. The steering pivots around the cargo box which is unlike any trike I've seen.


Yeah, Ashley was gonna have one custom made for me and the kids. There was a guy in US who made them for transporting drum set but if he put there a couple of benches, the kids could sit. Two years ago it would cost $300. Now it costs $600. We did not have the $300 or the $600.


I saw a bike frame extension kit from Xtracycle that shows a modification with seats for two small children. If you know any bike mechanics you may be able to get an existing bike all modified out as a long frame passenger/cargo bike for about $300 plus labor.

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