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Elspeth R

Gads, watch out, if the US gub'mint gets wind of this - not only will there be a 'Defense of Manly Freedoms' act (I mean, enforcing that men actually let their female sexual counterpart ENJOY herself...while they are plying their lingual accoutrement or swollen nether region-wares in her vajayjay area?!?!?), but bush (how ironic) will HAVE to invade Ecuador to liberate the men from having to actually please their female partners...


Thanks, Elspeth. Don't remind us...

UGH! This administration SUUUUUUCKS! And not in a good way!

Elspeth Ravenwind

I think the goal could be accomplished via more of a positive reinforcement program. But then, I guess reciprocity freely given is the best. ;)
(but then, I am not even dating right who the heck am I? I guess I am just a dreamer...LOL!)
Liprap - "ugh!" indeed!

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