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Carrie Guevara

Happy Birthday big girl! I'll see you guys this weekend :)


Mazel tov to Katerina! We'll do our best to stop by. 8-)


happy birthday katerina! chris & i will be in MA for my brother's 30th birthday, so can't make the party. the FYYFF t-shirts are kickass and i can't wait to get one.


Happy Birthday, Katerina! My little girl, Ella Rose, was in Ms. Murry's bunny class this year. She knew Katerina a little. It's incredible how paths cross in unexpected ways. Even though my heart broke watching her, Katerina was just fabulous in her class performance some weeks ago.

Elspeth R

oh!!! Happy early Birthday to her!!! I wish I lived there, I would have loved to have made a girly/princessy cupcake/cake for her!!! :)
Con'grad'uations to her, too!!!
(my FYYFF shirt arrived today! is teh awesomeness! I am wearing my 'be a new orleanian' tank right now!)
Peace and yummy cake goodness,

Martine Wiseman

I am hoping to be in the hospital with child or home with newborn on Sunday, so I probably won't make the party, but I know Nathan would love to come celebrate Katerina's birthday. If we are not in the hospital, my boys will be there. Much love, Martine

Banzai Bill

Happy Birthday. I'll be in town this weekend, so I'll try to make it. What time does it start and where? You can e-mail me at drwswhite AT yahoo dot com.


Happy Birthday, Katerina! I'm back in Atlanta for the time being, but will be there with y'all in spirit. Lift a beer for me.

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She will grow up a big good girl. Keep it up.

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