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Try one of the jewelers who specialize in Estate Jewelry. (aka...old stuff from people you don't like and would never wear in a million years).

suzanne ward

I do know that Audler's in Metairie takes estate jewlery on consignment.Other than that, you could try ebay.

Carrie Guevara

Can you send me some pictures of them? I know a lady here that pays pretty good money for that kind of stuff.
I'll try to call you later.


When I have things I want to get rid of I sell it on ebay. COuple of times a year I do it. Its easy and you usually get a fair price. But since this is ugly crap does it really matter?


I'd recommend having it appraised by a reputable estate jeweler. If you're feeling vulnerable make sure to take a strong friend with you.


You might try this site:


Yes, get it appraised before you put it on ebay if you decide that's what you want to do. I've been ebaying stuff for years, everything from clothes to books and yes, jewelry. But you don't want to get screwed by putting it up there for 9.95 and finding out it's worth 995 bucks! The buyer will know, there are folks out there looking for that kind of stuff.


What Slate said, twice.

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