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That's all right. Jesus WAS Jewish. ;-)

One Mardi Gras, some clowns came walking down St Charles and were busy putting stickers on every kid they could. "Awww, sweet, Clowns!" I said within their earshot, and they came over and put a sticker on the little guy.

I then noticed, a tad too late, that there were crosses painted on the clowns' cheeks and the sticker on the little guy said, "Smile - Jesus Loves You!"



That might possibly be the single cheesiest thing I've ever seen!

Reminds me of my close encounters with the "God Squad" outside various area women's clinics back in the day. The T-shirts read "God's Gym", "Jesus: The Choice of the LAST Generation" (with ripoff of Pepsi logo), and so on. Their religion is just another brand name...

Walter Klein

It is funny how anti-Semitism is politically incorrect, yet the "intellectuals" still think it is acceptable to Jesus bash. Actually, it is not really funny. It just shows how close minded "liberals" actually are. You are free to think whatever you want as long as you agree with them. Democrats either can choose a man filled with self-hatred for his white half or a woman who hates her husband, was involved in the death of Vince Foster, and is a despicable human being. The Democratic party always chooses such entertaining candidates.

Elspeth R

Walter, take a chill pill - da wife was in NO way Jeebus bashing...just apologizing for something that was out of her control - a surprisingly religiously printed fan for a non-religious party. If you want to bash the rest of us - get lost. We have a right to say what we will. The bag should have been labeled as containing religion-based material. (and what in the fyyff hell does your projected self-hate onto Obama have to do w/anything related to a child's party?!?!?!)
I guess I am 'closed minded' for being tired of the xtianists bashing everyone else not of their 'bring it on-rapture' ilk...? Well, you are damned right skippy! My raised-Methodist ass is pure Witch now - so shaddup and go back to the Freepi, mmmkay? buh bye! And here, have a fan!



Walter Klein

So easy to rile 'em up! Thanks for making me smile :)


To clarify - I am not religious. I have no problem with anybody believing in whatever they want, including the Flying Spaghetti Monster. I do have a problem with someone, anyone, pushing their religion on me. I would never, intentionally, do that.


Happy Birthday! and Happy Graduation! to little K, whom I am so sorry I could not party with during her birthday party. I'll come by soon to see her and all of you, I promise!

Carrie Guevara

Hana, at the end of that long, emotional and beautifully wonderful party - finding that on the fans made me laugh in a much needed way. Go Soviet Block!


I want to round up the Christians and put them in camps, where they can make us all happy stickers and party fans until they get marched off to the ovens.

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