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Hana, I know a little bit.

- What model is it?

- What happened specifically?

- Was it acting up in recent days before the funky event?


We have three users - me, Ash, and the kids. You log on different screens (essentially different computers). Anyway, we lost power for a minute or so and when it came back on, his side has a messed up screen size. The finder screen is larger than the size of the actual screen and when I move the mouse the finder screen moves around. Everything works fine but it makes me seasick


Okay, try this.

Sign on as him, and open System Preferences. Then click Displays.

On the left side of the window should be a column called Resolutions. Try a different resolution or two and see if that helps.

If not, reboot and while the machine is restarting, hold down the shift key. That may tell the computer to reset to the original resolution.

If that doesn't work, please repost and let me know what kind of Mac you have (iMac, iBook, MacBook, whatever). Good luck.


Kevin's suggestions are sound. Alan Gutierrez may be able to help if you need somebody who really knows what they're doing.

I'm a mac person but your husband was my consult so...

Hope y'all had a good time at Jazz Fest.


Sounds like Screen Zooming is turned on. You can turn it off in the Universal Access System Preference, under the Seeing tab.


Yep, that's what I was going to say. Sounds exactly like Universal Access is set to zoom and follow the mouse movements. After 18 years as a Mac user, I'm a fairly well-qualified Apple Demi-Geek, so please call or e-mail me if you're still having trouble getting things straightened out. I can stop by tomorrow afternoon (Monday), if you want me to.

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