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Good on you! Wonderful choice. If I get to the sea here next week, I'll bring you back some Dutch sea smells (The kind with working levees....)


Hang in there, Hana, and know that you are in the thoughts of many.


Bridge House is a good choice. They got my first car after it had been wrecked.

We'll see you Sunday!


We'll grab ya some sand next time we're in P-town!


Wow, that was interesting. If you foollw literary theory and movements, this is very much anti-Romantic the woman wants the romance offered by a complete stranger, though it's highly illogical and foolish even, and hence, she gets fooled. Along those lines, too, it's getting harder and harder to truth from fiction she was fooled by a (very convincing) fiction, because it was too close, it seems to her truth.

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