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Well it was a pleasure to read such a wonderful story.I must say Great story and epic journey.

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La conduite d'une Alfa Romeo, il a gagné la Targa Florio en 1930, en concurrence avec Supra Prix
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et une certaine essence déversé sur l'échappement chaud causant flammes à scintiller autour supra prix chaussure
de la voiture. Les flammes se sont au cou de Varzi cependant Varzi continué à la conduite Chaussures Nike Air Force One
tout en changeant de position pour que son mécanicien pouvait battre les flammes Supra Shoes Prix
avec un coussin. Bien que les flammes étaient éteintes, Varzi avait perdu du temps. Il s'emballent son moteur jusqu'à ce que le compteur était passé la ligne de danger et rugit à travers la ligne d'arrivée devant le pilote français.


Overall RatingFoodServiceAtmospherePrice/ValueRomanceSuitable for ChildrenSo I suppose I solhud have know that since it's New Orleans style food it was going to be spicy but I didn't. And my daughter is not big on spicy food. Her salad (the Cresent City Chicken Salad did not have a description of being spicy (which in my opinion any spicy item solhud have). I tried the salad myself and I love spicy food and I found it to be fairly spicy. But what bothered me was the servers attitude about it. She talked to us like we were stupid for not knowing. She did however offer to replace the item with something else which I thought was very nice. We have the pommes frites which were AMAZING! And I had the Monte Cristo, which I was hesitant to try because I had only had one once before (somewhere else) and it was awful. But it was really good and HUGE. It could easily be split between two people.The tables are outside and have a nice view. Even though it was a warm day, it was chilly that evening. So I ended up shivering through the meal! So if you are going on a cool night make sure you bring a jacket, my sweatshirt wasn't enough.


Really, seems to me the ricers are the bgseigt pussy's around, mostly little bed wetters ridin around in mommy's hand me down rice turd with some christmas lights glued underneath and a fart can muffler, the supra did .98 on the 300 and .95 on the 200 but with proper mods like a panhard bar and some bigger sways a fox body can pull over 1g and with the money you save over just the price of a used supra you can buy a nice bike too, the supra looks nice but its not worth the price.


Betsy,I just love all the pictures you took of Duke and Odie. They treund out so much better than I expected. You were so patient with the boys.I cannot wait to buy the calendars. I am going to give them as christmas gifts this year. Thank you very much.Sincerely, Lisa (Duke and Odie's Grandma)


Yea no doubt, its not often the little engnie that could pulls one off, and with whats comming out of detroit today the old and dieing supra owners have to revel in the occasional victory, even when thier staged.


Yay Liz!!! Your back! Hehe this look is so pretty..I love it Keep doing what u do girl It's aawyls good to get new ideas =) Love u lots Take Care!! Oh and I'll be calling u soon k I wanna know how your wedding and honey moon went!!! I'll keep in touch! Xoxo, Isela -3


hoho, you guys really read these books?did you read the one by lenny? could find some sputid arguements too.i think you guys were out of your mind a little bit criticizing Penrose' understanding of physics though. many physicists could publish many waters like pp waves owing to his insights. and twistors are surely very useful stuff. they can even classify ADE singularities. it's the way to find metrics on ALF, ALE spaces. these are important spaces, dual to brane configurations. not to mention twistors gave string theorists the latest boost to write some papers tangential on reality for a short while. THAT'S NOT the end, nowadays, you find AdS2 blackhole people trying to embed the BPS solution space into the whole Hilbert space, and transform the topological string wave function using TWISTOR transformation. so shut up and work everybody leave Penrose alone and don't feel like you know much better. I think he's been as professional in terms of contributions to science as one could possibly wish. and for string theory's future, I hope those pheomenologists out there know how to test it properly because in my impression, they are the ones who gets embarrassed with string theory so much more pathetically. listening to a few unrepresentive ones of these physicists feels like listening to politicians, and literally they are! boring and sputid.


Dear Ugo,I read your response to my post and I am cociennvd you misunderstood my point of view. I am aware that many Igbos are not fraudulent. I am just saying that if the same amount of time it took them as "manufacturers" and "dealers" to create substandard knock offs and fake products, was channelled towards perfectng their craft, they would be a stronger foce to be reckoned with. I base my analysis on facts. Substandard goods are "aba made". Whether or not that is your state, it belongs to the Igbos. Imagine if the "Aba Made" tag was an indication of superior quality and stamped on every good that we as Nigerians use, imagine how much power that will be.Until your fellow nigerians are cociennvd that as a people you are committed towards the attainment of a higher standard and not personal gratification, they will continue to brush you as a people aside.As it is, most of your leaders are always embroildered in one scandal or another. Some have imvolved pseudo mafias and shrines. I do know a good amount of my country's history. I am not sure if you understood my comments about the Biafran war. I am very aware of its effect on the Igbos and national status. I have lived with people who survived the atrocities. All I am saying is that in today's world, if Igbos did more to benefit themselves as people and not as individuals, then it would not be so easy for them to be ignored on a national scale.


there have been genetic exams done on those with smiliar claims in southern africa and their dna showed they carried particular genes found in many of the most jews around the world, "proving' a relationship by blood.perhps a smiliar study is need in ibo land


kwenu my brother, at the risk of 'finding your tbruole', you really need to calm down. you seem to be educated so why resort to name calling? isnt there any hope for the expansion of your genophilia ? which one be nazi-ria again? really?tomirob sounds like the perfect Nigerian or i find my self agreeing with his/her every word.when it comes to marginalization, the igbos dont have it as bad as many other tribes who are not even referred to most of the time. i don't know how it feels but i guess not good.i have been gladdened by recent and very successful attempts by the entertainment industry to heighten patriotic feelings in the country thru hip songs , garbs and slangs. if we've learnt anything from the Americans its that symbolism is a powerful tool.hope you all have a nice weekend.


Ogo Ogbata,I do with all sense responsibility agree with all you crqeiiuts on this issue of our language decline in Nigeria and Igbo land in particular. I Think the quest and greed for materialism has beclouded or sense of value which in turn has imporished our fertile Igbo minds both for those of us here in the country and in diaspora.I strongly believe we can improve again by the renewing of our mind set to the core benefits of our language to our idnetity, culture and social co-existence.For a man without a defined languge is without any identity.This may be achived by making a citique like yours available to our local newshouse for most of us are not previledged to computers not to talk of internet faciliies.Best RegardsIke OgbataAhiazu-MbaiseImo StateNigeria.


Ugo@ I agree with you about Catwalq's initial ressonpe and it is exactly sentiments like this that lead to people feeling marginal and unfounded tribalism between Nigerians. His statement has no basis whatsoever. As for Ojukwu - whilst I believe he does have his own constituency in Igboland and I do not think it amounts to much but then again so does MOSSAB. As you rightly state many Igbos came out of the civil war with no closure (as Americans would say. No sympathy for the pain and violence they went through from Nigerians. At least for that generation it makes sense to me that there is some residual feelings of marginalization within the notion of Nigeria.


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Cite: How to Edit Video Without Re-Compressing

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