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That's great news, Hana. The New Orleans extended family and Ashley's friends will no doubt be here for you and the children for the duration.

"Larger than life"... is true.

Take care.


Mere Death could never stop Ashley Morris.


This is wonderful news. All I can think of to say is thank you, Hana; and I'm totally flabbergasted about Entergy putting the tiles back! Wow!


Yes, he was larger than life. Bless you all.


Good on all y'all. And God bless all here.


Family is right.
Sit and smile just once because Ashley brought you to one of the magical places on this planet where people display all of the most beautiful and terrible ways to be a human being. Thus, making everyone around us like family: able to make you melt like snow or rage like wind. Welcome. Your words will never be ignored. Seize the power. Much love.


How Cold War.
Its a Soviet Block takeover!

Love you, darlin!


As a non New Orleanian, I don't think that this family would come together for you in most other places in the USA. That's why I love New Orleans and the people who have fought to keep its spirit alive, like Ashley did.


I am so, so glad things are working out. Whatever else you need, ask us all. ((((((hugs))))))

Mr. Clio

Hana, This is great. Can't wait to hear more details from you in person.


Looking forward to being able to visit this blog and see the source of Ashleys passion and energy. You and your kids.


That really is fantastic news. The Entergy bit really pleases me.

Now.... about that Scott Cowen guy....


Speaking of that Cowen guy, the noted fuckmook croaked computer science at Tulane. Inexplicably, Loyola promptly followed suit. That leaves, as far as I can tell, two institutions in the city that still teach CS: UNO and Xavier.

Why, you're probably asking yourself, is that madman from Hawai'i going off on a CS rant at a time like this? Well, there's a method to my madness...

Once the immediate needs are taken care of, and it sounds like we're well on the way to that, I had thought that a suitable, lasting memorial to Dr. Morris might be the H. Ashley Morris Scholarships in computer science.

The Morris Scholarships would go to a New Orleans student wishing to study CS at one of these institutions. Seeing as how Ash was such a vociferous proponent of African American New Orleans culture, I'm leaning toward Xavier. Besides, doesn't Editor B work there?

Oh yes, it wouldn't hurt if a Morris Scholarship recipient also happened to play in a brass band on the side, or maybe knew how to cook... sort of like the New Orleans version of the Rhodes Scholarships.

Aloha pumehana (the warm, flowing kind, like lava), E Hana a me na keiki!


A New Orleans Rhodes scholarship! What a great idea, Kama. Morris Scholarship. Do we need some legal headed types to put together a foundation? I know nothing about stuff like that.

And Hana, many thanks for the updates. The Entergy tiles are a wonderful thing.


Thank you Hana. Praying for your strength in the days and months ahead.


Ashley's magic and strength are more potent than ever. Though his presence may be longed for, he's never far away as long as he's remembered.


Glad you're keeping the blog open, Hana. Grace and I are just a phone call or email away when you need a hand with Rey and his foo foos.


Kama, slate, I mentioned this very thing to someone. I was just thinking of sending a new orleans kid to college, but even better to target it to CS. An Ashley memorial scholarship would be wonderful.

Any experts at doing this sort of thing out there? I suppose there will be time.

Editor B

Amazing about the tiles. I was wondering about that.

Yes, Kama, Editor B does indeed work there. (And I'm not the only blogger there either.) The scholarship idea is wonderful. I don't know anything about the finances of making that a reality given the needs of the family -- but I'd be happy to make introductions at XU when appropriate. It would be a fitting tribute.

Nola Blogger

Hana, we'll keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.
Nola Blogger


I've been coming to Ashley's blog every day since Katrina. Never met him personally, though I always intended to one day.

Today, I decided to honor his blessed memory by my actions -- I just got back from getting take-out at Dooky Chase and eating it on the steps of Lefitte.

To me, Ashley WAS New Orleans. His love and passion for our city was a source of inspiration for me (and many others to be sure).

I will miss him. My condolences go out to his family. And thank you to his wife and any others that are involved in keeping this site online. I have laughed out loud and cried many times this past week as I've read through his historical posts.

May you rest in peace, Ashley. Thank you for your fire.


Carrie Guevara

Re: Moonstruck...his heart was bigger than he was. Your lack of sensitivity with a comment like that so soon after Hana has lost the love of her life is absolutely unnecessary. As Ash would say..FYYFF

David Byrd Cherbak

Will some people are terribly underweight...Rest in Peace Ashley were all gonna get there sooner or later...


moonstruck rhymes with mookfuck-sad.

Kevin Bittick

Sad greetings from a Southern Miss comrade. I had no idea that when I saw Ashley this past December that it would be for the last time. He and Hana generously opened up their home to me when I came down to New Orleans for a wedding then. I only wish we had spent more time together during those three days, but we both seemed to have divergent agendas.

I've known Ashley since 1981, and I must say that he was one of the most special, unique people in the odd menagerie of friends I marked time with in college. I'm a better person for having known him, and it's been a stunning blow to have heard of his untimely passing. My thoughts and prayers are with Hana, his beautiful children, and everyone else who called him a friend.

So long, Knife. You'll always have a place in my heart and in my memory.

Kevin Bittick
Dallas, TX
USM '85

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