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How about a Valentines heart-cum-fleur-de-lis (kind of like the Katrina Warriors logo) with crossed drumsticks like swords in front of it. Wait, are we talking drumming drumsticks or chicken drumsticks? Because I was thinking the former. If the latter, it probably wouldn't work. So good luck anyway.

Elspeth Ravenwind

Hmm, same query as Kirsten on 'drumstick' format...
If it's 'drumming' drumsticks, here's a thought:
Classic rollerskate boot in red (for love?) w/a couple of white hi-lights, w/drumsticks sticking out of the top of the boot and w/a Fleur de Lis on the boot? It can be a 3/4 view maybe? Give it a little 'dimension'...?
Whatever you decide, it will be fab! I have three tatts (first one was when I was 34!) and I want another one, soon...maybe even tonight! My latest one was two years ago, my Fleur de Lis (in Mardi Gras colors).
Peace and be tatt leads to two...and two leads to... :)


Glad you survived Darlin'.

I took the Wake to the Starlight later in the evening... they never knew Ashley, but they had heard me talking about him these last few years.

Tattoo? I second Kirsten's suggestion. Thinking seriously about doing the same thing myself. The boys know of good places for that.


The design would depend on where it's going to go. On you, I mean. Not the 'places' GentillyGirl is talking about.



Mine's going to be on the small of my back.

The place to get it done is on Rampart. 900 block I think.

(Oops! My Aspberger's is messing with my reading and comprehension.)

BTW- *giggles* My Betty always compares me with a nun.


Glad you're hanging in there. I had a hangover as well today.

Btw, Ray is a useful guy to have around. He didn't have to drive Oyster and me home BUT he made sure the Big O was able drive.



I gave it a try:


The artist that did Ash's tattoo could probably design you something based on some general ideas. Most good artists don't need ao

You want me to take you up


OK, that was incoherent.

Anyway, you could take your ideas and thoughts to a good artist and he could work with you on a design.

I can go with you to the artist Ashley used if you want.


Um, Gentilly, ma chere, Asperger's does not "mess with" one's reading and comprehension, but rather enhances it. And I should know. I did, after all, lean over my crib to read the old Bawlmer News-American at the tender age of 18 months. See who was the first commenter here, in those halcyon days of Jan. '07:

Which reminds me: Might there be an Asperger's/autism spectrum community in the home town, that, y'know, I might be able to connect with? It wouldn't surprise me one bit: out of all the places I've been, and that includes NYC, SF, and now Hawai'i, the World's Most Interesting City is the only one where just being who I am hasn't automatically made me the weirdest person on the block!


I have a lotus with the sillohette of the cathedral in the center. I have a pic on my blog at bottom.
Maybe get a fleur de lis with something symbolic of Ashley in the top and something thats symbolic of you children in the side part of the fleur de lis. Have the symbolism worked into the coloring of the fleur de lis. so it blends.


I will happily accompany you and Ray when you go to get it done. I've had several and am thinking of adding to one of mine. Just remember, as Ray can tell you, they are addictive.

Elspeth Ravenwind

Ink is addictive...I think for me, besides getting more art, it's my 'extreme sport' in that it gets my adrenaline pumping.
Be sure to have eaten or have a soda (non-diet) w/you in case nerves (they're okay) crash your blood sugar. Once the needle starts doing its thing - you are home free. :)
Karen, your tatt sounds great - going to check it out!


I ran across this and thought it might be perfect:

Elspeth R

Aaron, I can safely say 'I' love it! :)
I may have to order that. I hope my Dirty Coast tees arrive today! (ord'd the Save the Sazzie and Soul is Waterproof ones)
mmmm, Sazerac...
it's almost quitting time here...
Peace from dull, dank Humidston TX,

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