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Once again I fear I must cop out, due to the difficulties involved in securing trans-Pacific flights on such short notice. :-) As a Cubs fan would say, "Wait'll next year!"

In the meantime, I stumbled across this hidden gem that I hope y'all will enjoy.


That sounds like a great way to pass a good time! Count me in.


Lex and I will be by, probably evening time as I have to work Jazz Fest.



Ashley knew about her and yes, he liked the boobs...
He always said that he could scream Ashley during sex and I could not say a word about it.....
Just a weird tidbit from our life.


TMI! TMI! Oh, my eyes!

Have fun next weekend. Someone be sure to pound down an Abita Restoration Ale or equivalent for me, 'k?


Happy Birthday, Hana.


Hana, we'd love to come by in the evening after the fest, if thats not too late.



We'll be there as soon as we get back from motherfuckng north shore hockey championships. Liam might stink like goalie gear is all.


As I seem to understand, y'all live about a half a block from my soon-to-be parents-in-law. I gathered this when inspecting the post about street tiles and noticing Pine and Birch. My finace's parents live in the middle of the 1500 block of pine. I wouldn't be surprised if you had met them.


We'll be by after Fess. Happy birthday in advance! (I noticed it on the Rollergirls calendar, BTW.)


I gotta work all day but we'll stop by. And, Ray, I'll try not standing downwind of Liam...


We will be there.

Elspeth R

Have an awesome birthday! I would love to swing by and meet ya, but Houston is too far for a neighborly drive by w/gas costing what it is...
Sending Sazerac (or beverage of choice) thoughts to you!


I will come by with a sixer of Abita Strawberry! Can't wait!


I can't think of a better way to conclude this year's Passover holiday. Woohoo!!!!

Happy birthday!


I'll be at Jazz Fest Sunday, then off to another obligation in the p.m. If I skip the fest I'd love to swing by. Happy Birthday!


I'll be there!


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