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Looks vicious!


What a cutie. Of course, as a kitten he'll be as maniacally adorable as Rey. Meew...


Ooh, nice choice of name. Fairly Oddparent?

Elspeth R

(or Kramer?) :)
Totally 'adorabuhls'!!!
Kiddenz rock!
Congrats! Many MANY happy years together!


Yeah. Fairly Oddparents. I was going for Tiger (like from Pooh Bear) because he has tiger stripes on his belly. Then we went through a huge fight and after Rey and Annabel got tired of it, Katerina said Cosmo. Everybody agreed just because we were tired of it.

I love him, Katerina loves him. Annabel and Rey go completely hysterical when they see him. Apparently they hate all animals, not just barking dogs and biting cats....

Mr. Clio

New life!!!!!!!!

Ain't gonna take shit lying down. You go, girl.


Hi Cosmo, I am KamaAina. If I should get back to your town before you grow up, can I come over for a kitty fix? Please?


Exactly Clio. I needed something that is hopefully not going to die on me anytime soon. I needed the cat more than the kids.


KamaAina's always begging for pussy.

(Okay, guys, I tried to hold that in but it was too much for me.)


Jeez, Carmen, do you kiss ya mama wit' dat mouth?


Awwww, Cosmo looks like one of my kitties!

Now I have the "Fairly Odd Parents" song in my head...

michael Homan

Hooray for Cosmos

michael Homan

Er, I mean Cosmo


Um, Carmen, unless you were at Wet Bank's now-infamous Twelfth Night bash last year, or possibly at the Silence Is Violence march a few days later, you've never met me, for that is the only time I've been back to New Orleans since the Federal Flood. How, then, could you possibly know so much about my habits?

The trip back to the city would be more than reward enough in itself. The cat fix would be for lagniappe. Honestly!


Clearly, Kama, your reputation precedes you...


(And, Peter, some days I'll kiss anybody. But I never go out on those days.)


Hi Cosmo! Adorable, indeed.


What a sweet new member of the family! Hope he casts a love spell on Rey and Anabell soon.


Kittens are the most incredible cheap entertainment- just wind up 'em up and watch them be alive.

I wish you and Cosmo the best of relationships. I'm sure he's already figured out how to survive the little ones.

Mazel Tov on new life.



Awwww what a cutie!

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