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New Orleans News Ladder

Thanks so much to whoever is still here at Ashley's site keepin things cool and collectible.
Single parenting ain't nuttin'ta'play with I know, but especially when it comes wrapped in Big Grief, so Mrs. Morris and the kids will really need a hand.
Hence I will try to hit the paypal/memorium site or mailing regularly as funds allow, and not just once, but regularly. I appreciate your patience that I am currently, carefully, at low income and it might take a minute to get set-up for constant drip.
But, I do hope we can continue to show our love for the Morris family into the future, past more, inevitalbe Rising Tides--which I have every plan of making again ga'damnit Sinn Féin to da'RT3!

Still on this long road'ho,I came to the RT2 conference last year, as Bourgeois Nievete, before I had any inkling of launching the NO News Ladder---not a forkin'clue. Indeed so clueless...I was the only goober at Buffa's blogger party with a computer, as Ashley humorously noted when he introduced himself to me, with a fresh Abita btw.
I did not know jack shit about bloggers and especially did know what to expect from y'all at all, as my Katrina expierience, up to that gathering, was to avoid gatherings of more than six, and still today un-hinges around the storm + 6 days and horrible nights of the flood before we rushed the bridge to freedom and running for our lives. It was so bloody horrible, peeled the skin right off of my faith. But you folks have done so much to restore that and given my soul a safe place to crash until the screaming stops. Real really really I cannot stress this enough. My blog, such as it is, that I love to do every day, that keeps me out of McDonald's with a rifle, would not have happened had it not been for the family reunionesque welcome which you all showed me from the Rising Tide and (since then) for Ashley's blog showing me all of you showin'off, showing me that it is ok to call the world a fuckin'fuckmook.
It is called "Shining" in the old books and all of you can have my heart on a silver platter.
Y'all are 'bout the only family I have left that makes feel at all put-up-wit' and at home anywhere--(or at least laughs at my jokes ...sometimes:)
My masthead will remain black until after you all finish Marchin' Our Saint In.
Goddess how I would love to be in that number...
But alas...
I can't make Ashely's parade and that is suckin'da devil. It is breaking my heart actually. No lie.

However, if there are to be gatherings over into this spring and summer please keep me posted and involved.
I am a performer, but also know how to screw in a few lightbulbs too, sooo whateva ya'needs...

Hence I remain rebored, renamed and at yer serice,
Editilla Orilla d'Aphasia
New Orleans News Ladder


Damn, I wanna give da Editilla a huge hug.

Kenneth Finnegan

To any of Ashley's friends who happen to be in Austin, TX: there is going to be a gathering in his honor tomorrow (Friday) evening at 6pm at Shoal Creek, Austin's only Saints bar. Come join us if you can, thanks. Kenneth

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