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Thanks for the laughs, I thought it was funny.


It's hard to offend people who read *this* blog. Thanks for the belly laugh.


I had no idea that bunnies had it so rough.


Yes that is certainly the first time I've ever read the words "Sorry if that offends anybody" in this space.

We had a Bunny Suicides calendar in the Library office last year. Awesome stuff.


I needed this.


I actually sprayed my screen! Not very grownup of me, to be sure... I also shared it with "the other place where I frequently post".


I think you're most definitely not offending anyone here. The lobster one in particular had me laughing out loud.


I am just way too polite but I will get better, I promise


Here's one! The bunny is standing next to the 17th St. floodwall... and swinging a sledgehammer...

Or would that be a "Bunny Bread suicide"?

Elspeth Ravenwind

Nah, the bunny has to be at the levee as the water is rising and eating the newspaper filling. ;)
I liked the Space Invaders one the best! :)
Are those drawings twisted? Yes. But hey, not really any worse than (and I am dating myself here) 101 Uses for a Dead Cat by Kliban.
Thanks for sharing these!!!


Ohhh, man, I'm gonna have dead bunny smashed through a colander in my head for the rest of the day. If anybody hears me giggling for seemingly no reason, that's why.

What a hoot!


I want the 101 uses for a dead cat! Knowing Ash, I think we might have it already... All kind of weird things come to mind when thinking about using a dead cat.
I am off drinking!!!!


Newspaper filling!!! And to think, when I lived in the city, I used to refer derisively to the T-P as the "cat box liner"! "Levee fill" would've been MUCH more appropriate!

Elspeth Ravenwind

Hana, 'off drinking' as in 'not' drinking or 'off to partake' in drinking? Can't stop before your birthday! I am about to brew up an evening cuppa joe w/a liberal dose of Praline Liqueur and stream JazzFest on my 'puter and sit on my sadly-non-Nola patio pretending...
Happy Almost B'day!!!


Elspeth, I am shocked! Of course I meant I am off to partake in drinking. As in "I cannot read these blogs anymore because I need a beer or three".

Elspeth Ravenwind

Slainte!!! :) Phew! Okay, remote celebration of your beering yourself, I shall instead fetch a cold Abita Amber from my fridge...the praline coffee can be later. (gotta build my tolerance up by Tales of the Cocktail...been slacking!)
:) Elspeth

For my part every person should read it.

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