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Richard McRae

For those interested in supporting Ashley's family, Cumberland Cigar Co. is offering up a raffle with 100% of the proceeds going to his family. (Carrie, the shop owner has been friends with Ashley and his family forever now. Their kids have grown up together and right now she is in NOLA doing everything she can to support Hanna.)

Here's the link:

Elspeth Ravenwind

Humid - I posted a note about Ashley on my myspace page and am using the fab graphic y'all designed for my default image and am touting the shirts to folks. I have directed folks to the donation site - hope to get some hits from there.
Peace and blessings on Hana and the children and all of Ashley's friends...he was my kind of New Orleanian! As are all of y'all fighting for her resurgence! If only I could have been priveleged to actually meet him. I think he will be keeping an eye on the Crescent City. I think he already is, no rest needed for the devoted Nola-guardian!Afterall, per Hana's announcement, Entergy is putting the tiles back! :) I wish I could be there! Soon, though!)

storage website

Good thing someone created a beneficial site for her.


he is. She takes the plunge tgoruhh fire, and gets burned.BUT this is where you realise the short isn't actually sad at all. Look at the title. I'll Wait For The Next One. Because yes, there are men out there with rape and murder on their minds. There are people who mean you no good and jerks who will take you for everything you've got, then laugh while you cry. But . . . . there are also good-hearted, honest people. Rather than plunging mindlessly into a relationship only to find it meaningless, you should wait for the next one not the guy who makes some grand speech about broad love cliches and then stands you up, but the one who truly wants YOU. Not just a warm body, not anyone will do, but the one who has an interest in a true, equal partner with whom he shares interests and desires and dreams. This is the next one, and this is the lesson the woman has learned wait for the next one. Don't be led on by pretty words; learn who the man is before you dive off the train.


I can't enlighten you, beacsue I'm as stuck as you on all of it. I'm all for art for the sake of art but usually there's *some* kind of message that can be gleaned from a piece, even if the content is sad. I think I would have had more respect for the actor if he'd followed through, or had a message to deliver to the woman, despite it being a performance. So odd.

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