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I don't know for sure, but that's a good question to ask for guidance (in any election).


To quote Omar: "Indeed".

I'm thinking Obama, even though Hillary represents NY.

G Bitch

As a child, I loved Angela Davis and Shirley Chisholm ran a close second in my heart and soul. I think Chisholm would choose Obama and not strictly for race as implied. I think she would be repulsed by the HRC campaign's flinging around of the word and concept misogyny to bludgeon us (esp. black women) to heel (once again, or so they hope and think). I think Chisholm would be fiercely pissed at Ferraro right now, too.


I agree, G. Chisolm would be tempted to endorse her fellow New Yorker Clinton, but I believe that her ideals are more closely represented by Obama.

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