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Oh.My.Lord. I am so sorry. What the hell?


My grandmother would say, "Awww, hell in a bucket."

My mom would say, "Shit on a stick!"

I say: "God Fuckin' Dammit!!!!!!"

Cowen AND Dan Packer??? Kids'll be paying for the electric bills, too, at this rate. Grrrrr....


A large body of historical evidence indicates that consolidating school funds does not make them "efficient," it makes them a "big fat target" for "community power players" like Mose Jefferson.

One of the great things about charters is that the pool of funds for a single school is much smaller and capable of being subjected to meaningful scrutiny by parent associations.

Another great thing about charters is that they're unmolested by the OPSB, who seemingly exist only to enable fraud.

Consolidation works against both of those things. So I'd say you're on target about it being absolutely wrong, even before we get into the people involved.

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