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I absolutely love a good mojito. Problem is, the pre-packaged restaurant industry is ruining the experience for first timers. I was appalled at the syrupy super sweet mess I was served at a chain place. Please, just a little real sugar, a little real lime, and some REAL crushed mint. Mmmmm. I am planting some new mint this year.


I've eaten at Cochon 3 or 4 times, now. I used to live 1 block away from it. I've always been disappointed when I go there. There is always something less than what I was expecting. I can't describe it, exactly. The portions are small, the food is good, but not great. I'm sure this is heresy, and I'm no food newbie, but I feel like I'd come out happier had I eaten the BBQ across the street at the Ugly Dog.

I'm all for taking southern louisiana upscale, but Cochon seems to lack .. je ne sais qoui.


Yeah, Matt...I pretty much agree. Afterwards we met some friends at the Canal St. Bulldog, I had a cigar. Then we went to the K&B to get da wife some contact lens solution. While there I got some ice cream because yeah, the portions were a bit small. Especially that boucherie plate.


I had a great experience the last time I went there, everything I got was superb. And yes, I got the shine, and yes it was delicious.

My advice on the mojito, don't drink mojitos. Ooo wee!

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