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The primary blame lies with City Hall. I've spoken to an NBA rep about the party and the city told them they'd deal with any problems caused by the party. The NBA people accepted that at face value, which was a mistake.


It sounds like there are two guilty parties here. The city doen't seem to care very much:

WVUE reported that the NBA says that it notified the city of its plans months ago -- unfortunately, WVUE is the worst station for posting its reports online. James Carter did a god job of acting concerned, but, if what the NBA said was true, I had to wonder why he was just getting on the case. More importantly, I wondered why nobody from the city informed any of the people involved until the last minute.

Believe me, I'm not trying to take blame away from the NBA, but, at the very least, it was also a case of the city feeling no need to communicate with its residents. I'm assuming that the NBA did give some advance notice because permits had to be issued.


Doesn't really matter the NBA All-Star game won't be back when the Hornets cut and run, which I expect them to do. To have a contending team with the second worst attendence indicates lack of interest or really bad marketing.


Square merchants were informed about 3 weeks ago but there was no effort by the City to reach out to the artists, musicians et al whatsover.


You'd think professional fortune-tellers wouldn't need advance notice. Ohhhh! Seriously though, only 5k for Jackson Square?!? It's not that I mind us being a whore-- we're New Orleans, darling-- but must be be such a cheap one?


Seriously, there's no f'n way any private citizen could rent out the square for a night for a wedding for that cheap - and I know plenty who have tried. Favoritism's showing, but they are bringing a really big party to town, so I will begrudgingly admit it has some merit.

D-BB Lead Traffic Controller

Look, we have Mardi Gras parades that stop commerce. For what we are getting in return, they can block of the entire French Quarter.

As for the Tarot Cards Readers….yea, those scammers add a lot to show off N.O.


D-BB, Mardi Gras Parades do not cordon off public areas for exclusive private use.

This kind of paying-based exclusivity is actually the opposite of a public event like a Mardi Gras parade.

The commerce interruption angle is bad but far less relevant.

D-BB Lead Traffic Controller

If not the commerce of those fakes who use the allure of our environment, exactly what is the problem?

Look Harry P, let me tell you something. They (NBA) are an important guest. It's like the time my wife's sister (who is very hot) came to visit. I encouraged my wife to give up her spot in the bed for her and that my wife could sleep on the sofa.

Needless to say, my wife is like you, just inhospitable.

As for "whoring ourselves out", shit, just wait until we get one of them Donkey or Elephant conventions...and just watch what we will (and should) sacrifice.

NBA, welcome to New Orleans.


It'll be easy to tell when New Orleans gets the Elephant convention: the skies over the city will be filled with airborne cochon de lait!


Has anybody other than Adrastos or me even noticed that this is pretty typical. The good and bad points of the NBA and tarot readers are unimportant. What is important is that this the umpteenth example of city government failing to make the least effort to convey simple but important information or consider the people affected by its actions.

BTW, clever jokes about the people affected, but Jackson Square has been an outdoor artists' gallery for longer than most have us have been alive.


i gotta give stern and company a pass on this one.

it is typical of clarkson's reign and now carter,

i cant even blame nagin anymore. what a fucking exercise in futility to get pissed off at that mook.

stern had the balls not to sugarcoat the hornets future here and say it's up to us.

he also brought the allstar game here.

i wouldn't blame these guys if they left in 2009.

they are throwing us a major corporate welfare bone and bullshit fiefdoms like charter and cox are pissing it away.

my take is it's just like city hall re: a lack of leadership.

local govt. has gotta take the bull by the horns or they are gonna piss away this last wave of goodwill.

and not just with the nba

we are headed for an emploding pie if we dont get up in arms before 2010 and the nagin send off.

the only locals who are making a difference are neighborhood people who were lucky enough to have a little money in the bank and neighborhood asoc.'s.

thats my story and i'm sticking to it.

p.s. a sign of recovery in my hood is the .99 store in the east is back!!!!!!!!!

i bought a hog's head there yesterday for $8.00 and me and the boys at work are gonna make some hog's head cheese tomowrow.

it aint all bad. happy tet yall.


Come on, get it done!I have not watched the NBA since they left Vancouver. If they would be back, I would be back too.Miss going to the games a lot. NBA games were a lot more fan fildnery then the Canucks games but I would support both(and the Lions in summer/fall).


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