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Mr. Clio

Message received. You know, after today, I will have direct access to both parties you mention . . .


Did you know the Atlanta Hawks set the NBA attendance record for a single game (62,046) when they played in the Georgia Dome? And check out the Hawks average attendance the year they played a few games in the Georgia Dome.

1998-99 - 13,273
1997-98 - 17,450
1996-97 - 14,288


Atlanta has an NBA team? Who knew??


Of course the ATL has a team. Who could forget John Konkac?


What's stopping you from buying them anyway?


What's stopping me? I ain't got all the disposable income you do, Terp. I got 3 kids between 2 and 5.

Personally, I could also care less about VooDoo season tix, but I'll support them if they help support NOLA.


the boys and dream. natural for a while, years later.


I want the exact one that is shown on the contest! It is amweose and I am ALWAYS looking for pretty and different ways of wearing or carrying photos of my kids with me and this is SO beautiful that I would LOVE to win it! I know I would wear it everyday!!!The one I would love to have is:Nola's Timeless Glass Collection-Custom PHOTO PendantWOW! Thanks for the amweose chance to win it!

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