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From Henry Abbott's liveblogging of the All-Star game:

"Holy cow this Rebirth Brass Band is something. How can you not dance?"

C'mon back anytime, Henry. You get it, man.


i missed the game b/c I'm not a basketball fan, but now I'm regretting seeing all the NO music.
It looks like it is being rebroadcast tonight (MON) on cox channel 325 (?). I didn't even know the channel exists, but it appears I get it.
Just FYI in case anyone else is looking to see the video.
I wasn't able to find any of the video on youtube or on the TNT websites this morning.

Village of the Dammed

I heard C.Ray screwed up a deal offered to the City in bringing back Midnight Basketball. Michael Jordon made the offer and Nagin messed it up.


dude walker's cochon po-boy just got voted as one of the best sammichs in america by esquire mag.


i am so happy for those guys. they were one of the first places to eat that reopened near my house after katrina.

if you are ever in the hood take a ride down hayne and get you some cochon.

mothers' ferdi also made the cut.

dat big mon is da soul of america.

"Cochon de Lait Po’Boy

Walker’s Bar-B-Que, New Orleans

For years, this sandwich -- twelve-hour-hickory-roasted suckling pig, topped with creamy Cajun mustard slaw -- was available only at Jazz Fest. Now there’s a shop, where the cult of the cochon can worship year-round. But you can still get it at Jazz Fest. (10828 Hayne Boulevard; 504-241-8227)"

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