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It seemed at times that the Food Channel was all Emeril all the time. I was never a big fan. But what Bourdain says about Emeril and the food business is right and the truth is that Emeril, Bobby Flay and Mario were the ones who really made the Food Channel. Now all three have been unceremoniously thrown off the train in favor of geeks like that Fieri person and that horrible bullet headed English guy and those endless faux challenges. About all that's left is Iron Chef which still entertains me and Alton Brown. And even Alton can get a little full of himself. I don't even want to think about Paula Deen and her horribly pickled husband. As for Rachael Ray, well, at least she's never pretended to be anything she isn't. I think Bourdain feels aggrieved that the Food Channel cast him off so quickly and especially so now that they are re-airing his shows and he probably isn't getting squat for it. That could account for his new found warmth for Emeril. Anyway, I plan to watch Monday night. Also, This Old House last night started a New Orleans make over.


I love Bourdain. I saw the commercial and my first thought was, why is he talking to Emeril. He gives the impression that he distains these chefs who become a brand. I was disappointed. I though he sought out those who are locals and knowledgable about the culture of the place. I hope the Emeril segment is short.


that poochy comparison is pretty apt for that tool-looking guy


bourdain and emeril got the same roots.

kitchens are brutal.

the guy you fuck hardest with will wind up being your best friend or a wash out.

thats the reason i love / hate these guys.

they have created a culture where any culinary school grad can waltz into a kitchen and think they are the cock of the walk.

these grads have no real world experience and treat the o.t.j.t. (on the job training) grads like mooks

some of them earn their stripes and get groomed by us lifers and go on to become our bosses and others get gang raped like a pretty boy in o.p.p.

i think i would be pissed if i paid all that money to learn how to cook and not get a few classes in people skills.

i guess thats why i respect these two. they paid their dues and found a way to go to the next level.

while emeril never empressed me as some one who is inwardly happy and ant'ny does that could be due to the fact that i got more inside info on the "local guy"

all that being said i got respect for both men because they are coming from a foundation of hard work and not privilege.


In subjects like these, I tend to value RickinGentilly's judgment over just about everyone elses. He's the real deal in the kitchen, yo.


dude. are you yanking my chain? if you aint lets make a date at willy mae's. my treat on the food if you buy the drinks.


You walk the walk. I'm a poseur. You've worked in these kitchens for years. Nobody that comments on this blog knows more about food in this town than you. Period.

I ain't yankin' no chain.

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Can I join you rickngentilly, you pay for the food, he the drinks and Im going to bring the women.

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He's the man. When he talks, everybody listens.

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