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Instead, he became a lack of competitiveness by thousands of pianguan and corruption union (not to mention the government), end up abandoned P people nothing, he endures pension fund money were factory and union rape, stolen. Old woman can only rely on social lowest living costs.

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and I have (after all, the bread and jam. When she chun chun taught me to eat cat (she eat of thing) more than eat jam and bread, I hear health was stunned. I finally can't make up my mind to live,


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Finally, I will tell you, Ashley, that Habitat, and I, want to make sure that you receive your donation back. You should only support organizations that you believe in, and you've stated that you feel wronged, lied to, etc. There are other excellent organizations out there where you should direct your resources. While we will endeavor to show you and others that we're not at all about deception, in the meantime, we need to get your money back to you -- when did you make your donation, and how? Check? Online? (The reason I ask this is that N.O. Habitat, despite best efforts made at my request today, does not have a record of a donation coming from you, and I want to make sure that we get it back to you asap.) Thanks, guys.

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