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Betts and I try to always buy Looziana or American stuffs.

(Fruits from S. America in the Winter is the difference.)

We deal locally.


Now, I feel lucky. Our local grocery carries Savoie's. I clean then out regularly.


Nicely said.

I also wondered about Rose's accent. Well-born boys from Washington don't speak that way. Is that a post-storm affectation? On that last voiceover, when it was really thick, I actually thought someone else was reading.


Rose has been here in New Orleans since at least the late 80s when I had him playing with me on a team in an adult basketball league (compliments of my best high school buddy who was writing for the TP then). I'm guessing twenty years is long enough for local dialect to sort of rub off on you if you're not actively resisting it. Just as an aside, as a player he was kind of a mini-Ryan Bowen--hustled his ass off and threw his body at every loose ball and stray rebound.

Mr. Clio

Berto and I taught George's kids at Archbishop Hannan High School (the St. Bernard version, not the phony Northshore version). Bought shrimp from the back of his truck hours after he came back from a trip. I have his cell #. Maybe we can do a boil next time he makes a run.


Frolic/Puddinhead -- the deal was, his accent wasn't consistent. When he was in Domilise's, he sounded like Chris Rose. The initial narration was a bit thick, but the closing narration was extremely affected. I talk to him about once a week or so, and he normally sounds like he did in Domilise's.

Cl10: oh yeah...Tell him I'll buy 10 pounds of shrimp any time he's got 'em. And some ersters too.


Eh, what do I know? It's been twenty years since I've talked to him...


You know more than most of us combined, puddinhead.

Although, when I lived in LA, I had my pseudo-midwestern-neutral accent that immediately disappeared when my dad called me on the phone. Co-workers would actually gather round to hear me digress into that gulf coast twang that I pull out when *I* least expect it.


Ashley, that's what I noticed about the accent as well. It was really thick and oddly twangy on that final voice over. At first, I thought someone else was reading his book.

Who knows. Not a big deal. Britney's had a weird accent recently too. Ha!


Shit, I've been here permanently for about 8 months, and I can do the accent. But I'm a freak and practice these things!


The weird thing about Rose's accent is, it sounds vaguely Downtown, not at all what you'd hear at Domilise's.

Then again, the accent that I trot out on occasion to this very day is similar, though my home for those two years was in relatively accent-free Carrollton.

It would've also been nice to feature somebody of color, lest the audience get the impression that everyone in town looks like Rose, or Tom Fitzmorris, or Emeril.

Otherwise, definitely an hour better spent than with two more sitcom reruns. Of course, now I want to go back...


WTF about accents? I watched the show and didn't notice anything about Rose's accent being fakey and I don't even like him particularly. I've live in Nola for 30 years this May but I still fall into the twangy southern drawl when I go home to MS.
Get a life, folks. Sheesh.


Charlotte, most of us know better than to ask somebody from Mississippi to spot accents. ;^)


Just sayin' that Rose was born and raised in the DC area and went to school at Wisconsin. Ya, you betcha, ok den.


Are you the sucker for the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale? That's one of the few versions that gets down here from that brewery - I think the Abita Jockamo does a very good version of the IPA - the sacrifice can stop!


Touch' Ash.....:)


It was hard for me to watch the show, kept flipping back and forth. You'd think that only men in NO are in the restaurant industry. I complained on the Food Network website.


I wasn't sure if it was just me. I noticed Chris' accent and was baffled by it.

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