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Agreed. Tony rocks.


yah. it was good.


Did you see the New Orleans Rollergirls t-shirt he had on when he was talking to Tom Fitzmorris? Pretty cool. It was a great show. I looked at most of it with tears in my eyes.


I even noticed it before the wife. She immediately posted it on the Rollergirl board. Sweeeeet.


I agree. He did it right.

How bizarre to see Tony and Chris Rose hanging out down the street at Domilise's, chatting with Raymond at the bar.


Tony got it right. He's been down and out so he knows. I liked the Link segment a lot. I also liked "I'm here. What's you excuse?" That makes me want to buy a ticket before or right after da' heat. I've got it locked at


It was really good. I got teary at the end and said "thank you" to my television.

Maybe it'll shut up some of the haters...

Mr. Clio

I kept getting teary during the entire show. Honestly, I couldn't figure out why. It wasn't a sad show. I felt uplifted. But the tears . . .


glad i wasn't the only one choking up on that. he really did it right, kept a respectful editorial distance and let the story tell itself.


That line rocked. We finally got around to watching it and loved it. Wish they hadn't focused as much on Antoine's' emptiness, but it was a good service. Only left me wishing they'd done a 5-part series on us or something. So much more to say....

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