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Fantastic story; fantastic that you can recall so much, as well. Now though, at age 44, just reading about that much liquor makes me a bit queasy.


Great story and epic journey. I like the part about coke n' 17 yr olds.


I still can't bring myself to read The Joke's Over. It would mean having to admit that HST is no longer among us.


No point in mentioning these bats, I thought. Poor bastard will see them soon enough.


Truly inspirational story.

Would the Chivas win again today, or was your palate just a bit blunted by the hydrocodone?


You are on a roll of late with the sweet vignettes, bravo!


Peris: today, I prefer Johnnie Walker Green label, or something really peaty like Oban. Probably just "scotch immaturity" more than hydrocodone blunting.

I had to explain this post to da wife. HST isn't as big in Eastern Europe as here, and she'd never read F&LinLV. So, she didn't quite "get" what I was trying to do, and I spent a few hours feeling like a schmuck, like I was telling the world I was a Scotch binge drinker and so on. Sigh.

Then, the bats came, and it made everything much clearer for her.

Simon James

A fine post, hope your all your faculties have returned since.

My appreciation of Hunter:



Yes, yes, Oban is bes'. Gotten reeeally pricey, tho.


I have been absorbed in too much work and I fear that I have missed many more good reads like this. Thank goodness for archives.

Good stuff, ashley...


Lemme know when you are next in Calif. I got cigars and scotch. Remember, at least HST outlived John Denver.

Luis Rey

Sounds like you had an amaazing trip- quite comical. Though im not suprised you chose Chivas regal. It is an amazing whiskey- and yes its a blend but whats wrong with a blend? its all about the taste and experience.

Luis Rey

If you ever get the chance though try Chivas regal with a Cuban Cigar. You can get them online at it an experience you won't soon forget.

Barbie Brown

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