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I'm so glad the Pats lost the Super Bowl, that saves us from listening to Don Shula.


Awww, MAN! I remember when Dennis Miller was funny, too. Sad, sad, sad...


You wanna dress like cops named Boulet next year? It's a long shot, dude.


You're not thinking big enough. Why don't you seek the *nomination* of the Monster Raving Loony Party? I can't think of anyone who better embodies the spirit of the party... hell, I could even be convinced to serve as your running mate! "Morris/(KamaAina) '08: Two White Guys Who Aren't Quite as Crazy as John McCain!"

Oh yes, besides the superdelegates, there's also the matter of Michigan and (would you believe?) Florida hanging over the Dems' heads. HRC is pushing for her delegates to be seated based on her "win" in a Michigan primary in which Obama and Edwards weren't even on the ballot. ("Uncommitted" polled in the mid-30s.) Please, Howard Dean, if you're lurking here, please set up caucuses in those two states now...


On the subject of the superdelegates and Obama,


Note: ESPN/TrueHoop blogger Henry Abbott is on the ground in NOLA for the All-Star game. He's been a NOLA supporter (he linked to the Rising Tide 2 conference + Ashley's Superdome/Hornets idea) but I think he's from Portland, OR so maybe he needs a helping hand on finding his way around town. He looks like he'll be doing a lot of NOLA blogging -- maybe you all can email him if you want to help him find his way around. Per his report, he's never been to NOLA before.


Thanks, Joe. I just emailed him and offered my professional services as a po-boy hunter and spy boy. Actually, I'm more of a wild man, which may scare him.


Yeh, I just emailed him, too. Then again, if he sees the song about big ovaries I just posted recently, I may scare the hell out of him as well...


like i said it's the locals doing the yeomans work.

we have no leadership.

2010 a prayer.

please lord may we have an equal partnership between our leaders and our citizens.

lord we could kick some ass and stay off your prayer mainline if you grant us this.



I'm a lot older than you are, Ashley, and I certainly can NOT remember Dennis Miller ever being funny. He was an asshole then and he's an asshole now.


Oh, and that "cult" stuff. That's the GOP slime machine spooling up. You ain't heard nothin yet.

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