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I can not imagine the love and sttrngeh of spirit not to mention sheer stubborn determination that those who are rebuilding NO must have.Not to mention the patience to NOT tar and feather every single politician within reach.


I agrre with all my heart.Please do not confuse my eiarler post wiht any sort of condemnation of this timely health care reform program that we, as a nation, need so badly.I, myself, dragged my left leg around lie a dead seal for almost five years, waiting for any sort of social security or medicaid program toconjur me a metal joint replacement. No private doctor or hospital would touch me for less the about 70 thousand dollars, yet Earl K. Long's medicaid program got me one the best orthopedic surgeons in the state, and my entire stay, surgery and recovery included, was about 25 grand. Without these subsities, many would simply die.My eiarler point was only that, as we deal with a Nation struggling for financial recovery and trying to take care of those in real need, a city run by pigs, clamouring for every fucking morsel, while hard working people suffer like dogs, is an obscenity too great to be allowed to continue at any cost.


Wow. May 3rd? Really? Then Criswell Predictse2€a6!New Orleans has had two huge floods in the past, years apart, and both were on May 3rd. I think there will be aneothr May 3rd flood on the day Roy Nagin leaves office due to the tears of joy we'll all be crying!

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