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Well there goes my rant on this topic right out the window. I curtsey to the Master.



How the hell did you successfully shoehorn an "Eddie the Eagle" reference into that Nagin rant?

F*cking brillliant!




Changed my mind 'cause I'm taking this to big Blogs.


No, I didn't vote for him this last time. I thought he needed a rest.

Who among us COULD deal well with all that's happened since Aug. '05. Imagine how much more stressful it would be on you if YOU were mayor of this devastated city. He's human. And, he did get a bad rap on the photo. I'll give him that. Watch this video:


Watch this!


Lea, I don't doubt it's stressful.

However, if I was mayor, I would try. I would be here. I wouldn't be blaming everyone else, I wouldn't be corrupt, I wouldn't buy a house in Dallas, I wouldn't talk about how our murder rate "keeps the brand out there", I wouldn't hire corrupt/incompetent CTOs, I wouldn't be fund raising in Chicago and Kansas City.

I would simply do my job.


Stress is something we all share, though, and coping with the day-to-day of this place as ordinary citizens is also a challenge.

When Ray went off during Katrina, it was appropriate. Now it just looks tacky and paranoid.

Enough already, Ray. Get on the meds like the rest of us.

Great post, Ashley. Linking this to my blog too.


You would be much better off with Buddy Cianci as mayor. Yeah, he did some time, but he made Providence into a city. He did his job. He was there, until he went to the pen.


Geez...I thought I was rather polite and civilized in my post where I asked him to step aside...

D-BB Editor, National Enquirer

It is what it is...the gun thing isn’t and anyone who makes an issue of it exposes him or herself as nothing more than a predator ready to pounce on anything. Forget the gun gives Nagin credibility.


That gun issue is offensive to the core, and NO ONE is a predator for stating their opinion on it, neither is it going to be used for mockery of the Drive-By sort.


Yeah, that line about being the Mayor is stressfull is pure BS. It's stressful for the kids with PTSD, it's stressful for everyone still stuck in some other American city but not home, it's stressful for those of us that lost EVERYTHING in the federal flood, it's stressful to get up go to work, rebuild your home, and deal with the ineptitude of the elected officials in this town.

You want to talk stress? ALL OF US can talk about it.

At least I've been doing my job everyday, C. Ray cannot say the same.



I'd be impressed by Nagin's tough-guy routine except that the defining characteristic of his second term has been his COMPLETE LACK OF BALLS ABOUT ANYTHING. This is a guy who has turned tail on every single challenge that has come his way.

Shrinking the footprint? He put a plan out there and then ran away the first time someone complained.

Taking on the Corps? He grumbled a little bit then ran away and left us with a bunch of known incompetents rebuilding what they couldn't build right in the first place.

Crime? He ran away and is still hiding in Texas.

So you'll excuse me if I am less than impressed when this coward talks about "cold cocking" people "in the parking lot." He is all talk, no action.

I hope he dies slowly of tertiary syphillis.

D-BB Editor, National Enquirer

Carmen, you are what you are and I know what you are. Of course I am too much of a gentleman to say anything negative about anyone. But, Ray takes a trip, big fucking deal. Blanco takes a trip....after we have a "governor elect" and takes that slime ball husband big deal.

This is why bloggers are so funny. They don't understand that consistency is a sign becomes a credibility issue. They end up with the same 10 readers who by the way, are mental clones of the blogger.

Fortunately, I am no clone and of course, no one will clone me, I think they passed a law or something.

D-BB Editor, National Enquirer

Damn it Carman...I just realize that you said this a week ago on my blog: "Personally, I don't care that it was a freezeframe, and in the original context of the newspaper print article, I'm glad it was published."

In another comment, u said: "D-BB, I've SEEN the video. Ray even says something about the "bad guys" seeing "this", indicating the firearms. As if our lives are to be taken as elite wargaming..."

So no matter how unfair and misleading something is, if it happens to someone you dislike, that makes it OK?

Wow, and they say I am vicious????? Perhaps a name change from Carmen to Elektra would fit you better.


D-BB, I am consistent. Neither have I held to mocking the mayor king in all his previous commentary. But crime and one's approach to it is a serious issue, and all the bullying and political feints will not scare me away. I don't like Nagin NOW because he's all hat, no cattle, as they say in his other home state. And I won't let him cast us as Aryan for standing up and saying "Enough!"

I suppose you won't like this predatory article either, or the accompanying photo:

If you think this is going to be solved by attacking me, you are deluding yourself into thinking my voice is of greater import than the rational voice inside the heads of many. This is not going away, shoot the canary in the coalmine as you like.

D-BB Editor, National Enquirer

Guess my point is made. TY Elecktra.


I he feels so threatened he should resign and move to texas

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I am so sad I can't even breathe.

Ashley was my brother.

Anything, just ask. Anything.


Hey girl!I heard you on NPR today! Cliff is a good friend of mine! I was so palseantly surprised to hear you as well!!!How are you?I am enjoying NOT being in New Orleans (more specifically at ****) this year. I dont know if I am coming back ..Keep in touch! I miss you girl!Love your blog!Sherri

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