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I have a deaf student in our program, and have had the pleasure of teaching him in several courses. He is a joy to be with. I wish I could speak to him; alas, we have to have an ASL interpreter.


That is a great superbowl commercial. So funny


If you'd only stuck around a little longer last Twelfth Night at Wet Bank's (sob), you could've joined in an ASL conversation I was having with some guy named Felix (?). This was right at the end, while WB was reading his own house number off the pillar to tell it to United Cab; you can imagine how accurate my already-skimpy signing was by that point!

I've been on the lookout for someone who knew both computers and ASL for quite some time. And here he is, right at my cyber-front door. D'oh!


Ask and ye shall get beads:


Holy freakin' crap, Lois! I purposely didn't even tell you why I was looking around, because mooks have, at times, been known to poke around AM:TB (usually right after you've trashed 'em, and guess what? I've got another one in my crosshairs...).

The problem is, the only beads I could ever get from that would be beads of frost on my upper lip, because it's based at Name Redacted U. (Go Color Redacted Demons!) Any way it could be repatriated?

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