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A "lava flood"? Out here we call it a "flow"... we also have an Ian Lind, once the investigative reporter for the daily Star-Bulletin, and now writing for the Hon. Weekly (pale echo of Gambit) and blogging from his home in Ka'a'awa (just say "kah-AH-va") on the rainy Windward side of O'ahu.

You don't suppose? Naaaah...


The sackcloth and ashes should be de rigueur next year for Mardi Gras.


There's a shop on Magazine Street called Plum that sells silver bracelets with the latter part of this quote on them. I got me one!


There's a very unfortunate "Keeping Them Honest" promo for Valentine's Day which is running on CNN. I'm not tech savvy enough to locate it online, but it pushes the GOP miscue, sending us all these billions of dollars and "look what you got for it": highlighting our crime, corruption, and all that citizens themselves are up in arms against. I only saw it in passing but the portrayal of us all as, essentially, con artists left a feeling of hoodoo which echoed a while afterwards. Since the anchor is supposed to be "live" that day and the pre-campaigning is all negative, how exactly does he get interviews?

What we need to do is counter this quickly... demand the promo be pulled for its misleading voiceover. Or otherwise protest.

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Really? That's awesome!!! I know you're going to enjoy it. Hopefully, with our new desivfene coordinator and some good draft picks, we will be the first team in NFL history to play the SB in our home stadium. And win!! (8


It's not that simple, even if we took all the eanerd income for the wealthiest 10% of taxpayers we could only run the government for a few days. Our tax code is complicated, and the payroll tax you reference is Social Security, which is a coveted scheme where the current money being paid in is pay the current benefits. ( which is why someone called it a ponzi scheme). My real question for a governmental level is: are we trying to equalize opportunity, or are we trying to equalize outcome.So for me it's not who should pay more taxes, it's how is the money allocated, and currently no one is making any sense, and the most nonsensical of all is our current president.As I mentioned to you before, I feel the Bible was written for believers in Christ, He was not here to overthrow the government, but to radically change the behavior of individuals. The church has fallen short of expectations, even ours because our largest budget item is the building, not mission outreach. Yes I understand its for pragmatic reasons, but still, think of what local impact we could make with the B&G budget!


Kalisa, I completely undrestand!!! I have been a Saints fan all 43 years, my Grandmother loved them and we suffered the good and the bad and when she passed away when I was 11, I stayed a Saints fan!!! Everyone around here was a Cowboys fan and there was NO WAY that I was going to like a Texas team! I had the privilege of meeting Archie Manning in 1979 and that just endeared me to the Saints even more.I was like you afraid someone would wake me from the dream and my heart was telling me this was possible but my head was like this is Peyton Manning too... but I never gave up hope or faith in the Black and Gold of NOLA and it paid off... I lost my voice last night and cried so much... this was personal... it was about more than football... if you haven't lived it you can't undrestand it!I showed your pictures to my friends at our Superbowl party and they thought they were awesome.. we even thought about driving down to NOLA last night!Any way enough.. I hope Shelley does another picture for you and I hope you post it for all of us to enjoy!Love you and miss were my sanity around here!WHO DAT!!!!

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