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I think I could live with it only if, shortly after McCain and PBJ get sworn in, Louisiana secedes, with Mitch as our first prez.

Sinn Fein, indeed.




Can I have whatever it is that you're smoking? Sounds more like a nightmare to me, homes.


How so, Jimmy the Greek?

Can the US government get worse than it is now, with PBJ and McCain? No.

Would it not be a drastic improvement to have Mitch in the red stick maison blanche? Yes.

Now, we just find somebody decent for Mayor, and I'm there. And no, it wouldn't be anyone who has ever run for Mayor before ('cept Mitch).


How does the vacant position of Lt. Governor get filled? Perhaps Ray could be persuaded to run for that. He could not do nearly so much damage there.


See-Ray should run, just for the entertainment value. He has no political career or future, anywhere. But he thinks he does. The definition of the word "fuckmook".


You said "Piyush"! I'm telling the Ouachita Citizen! You're nothing but a big, poopy-headed racist, you!

As appealing as this scenario might sound (certainly to Jindal himself), McCrazy just might be a bit gun-shy after the Bush campaign smeared him in 2000 by calling every Repub household in South Carolina and asking them, "Did you know John McCain has a black daughter?" Turns out she's Bangladeshi, and adopted, but the damage among Repub voters in S.C. was done...


I don't see why Mitch didn't run for Gov in the first place, except that he probably wants to be mayor in 2009. The fact he didn't run was a big disappointment. He would have easily gotten the nomination, given his competition.

And as for McCain being busted by the Repubs if PBJ were his running mate, two words: Alan Keys.

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