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In all fairness to Shep, I watched that segment live and it was pretty moving. He was trying to get across to the talking heads at Fox Central the humanity of the thing. He was actually arguing on the air against the Fox party line. He was on the right side for about a day or two, then they yanked him back home and made him drink the Fox kool-aid again.

The guy has a heart. It's just that his heart is for sale, and Fox knows his price.


Thanks, Ray. I got the last AA plane out of NOLA, and got to Prague where the fam was when this was happening. And thank goodness, in Prague, I couldn't get Fox; just BBC and CNN International.

I just saw the pic, and I'd had the misfortune of hearing Shepherd Smith before, so when I saw the body, I put 2 and 2 together.

Ray Ward

Never mind Mr. Fox News. I love the photo of the Indian princess.

New Orleans News Ladder

Noble Mon, I believe the arithmetic for Fox would be: 2+2=5, but I failed all those tests in elementary school. I feel yer belly ache though, having actually attacked a photo journalist, with a 2' long antique Navy saber, my 2nd best friend, during those days I euphemistically refer to as "The Troubles". I had just finished the opening of a full-blown, knee-buckling, driveling nervous breakdown beside the 1st (of 14) dead human beings that I saw after the levees failed. He was lying on his back in the water at Canal & Rampart, sort of where the street rose a bit, kinda half in and out of the water. Probably 20 years old, black, wearing a Saints ball cap---eyes wide open, amidst perhaps 1000 people scurrying around with their arms loaded as they absently, ignorantly stepped over the body. I stared at this human being lying dead in the middle of Canal and just wondered WTF? When a fly crawled out of his nose, one of those Gold-backed Death Flies, I thought this can't get any more Kafka nightmare--then I heard the shutter of a motorized camera clickclickclickclick...and I looked up at a "person" taking our photograph for the evening news, me and the dead humanity of it all. So yeah, I whipped out my saber. As still as a bowl of Nitro Glycerin, I slashed the camera strap and snatched that camera, looking them right in the eye the whole time, and dropped it into the turgid, fucked-up deathwater and stomped it to pieces, stabbing it with my saber too just to make sure that the little fucking machine was dead...until...until it was gone. And I scanned the area to see if any other "journalists" had covered the episode.
Then I just walked away. All I said the journalist was that even the Reaper doesn't profit from death.
They have no inherent right to practice their trade during such a catastrophe because no one has any rights. The only rights anyone had in New Orleans during The Troubles was the right to die. The right to just live was mainly up to each individual and often quite open to question. Rather, they have a duty to rescue. To help as one human being to another, not by journalizing the pain. Those fuckers had ice water. They had food. They had air conditioning. And, like God's only Son, they got to go home after the crucifixion.
I am all about free speech. I publish a forking newspaper. But fuck those idiot bastard journalists iceholes. Morrow would not have behaved that way.
I would do it again in a heartbeat...provided of course that mine still beats.

So you are clear and still the baddest ass in my book.

Sinn Féin, Noble Mon.

New Orleans News Ladder

And another thing...did anyone from Fox at least cover that dead human. I'd bet my granny's corset the answer is NO. They get no sympathy from me as they have relentlessly tar-babied New Orleans since the levees failed. If that little penis covering the news had a heart he would not be working for Fox. Sell your heart once and it cost triple just to rent it back. But the Devil doesn't do return merchandise.
So you were spot on and obviously psychologically qualified (which I am obviously not) to see their limp Super Tuesday, raise their bet with a stack of our own celebration and call their hand.
Chere'yat Bourgeois Nievete!

New Orleans News Ladder

opps you know I meant Super Sunday! Super Tuesday is when Trent Lott left Gomorrah for a bit of Sodomy...right?
écrasez l'infâme!


I despise Fox (and now CNN as well) for feeding the tabloid junkies, but I have to agree with Ray on this one. I saw that shot run live, and it was done as tastefully as one could make such a situation. In the days after the storm Shep was genuinely moved, and in fact yelled and *cried* on air at uber-con Sean Hannity for not understanding what the hell was going on. I think I would have been more offended if Fox *hadn't* shown this pic - then I would have accused them of covering up how bad it really was.


I didn't realize that Van-der-fuckmook was in da' house too. Oh, gosh, how gauche.


But Marco, he's "the bard of the blogosphere". Yeccchhhhhhh...

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