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Mr. Clio

I'll be there in two weeks for work. I love cali.

I'll take a pass on being lit on fire, though.

Waitaminute. You were "run over" THEN hit? How did that go down?


I guess maybe I should have said "hit and run" in quotes. I got hit by the head-on driver -- him in a 77 Monte Carlo, me on an 84 Honda Nighthawk, and then my helmet/head hit the roof of his car, which severely impacted my flight.

Still got the helmet, that '77 Chevy blue paint on it and all...

Ray Ward

An eerie coincidence: Last night I had a dream harking back to my own days in southern California, only the dream was dominated by water rather than fire. The scene of this dream was the novitiate seminary I spent a year at, located in the foothills overlooking Santa Barbara. In the dream, I go to the edge of the patio overlooking Santa Barbara and the ocean, and the ocean water is just a few feet from the edge of the patio. Since the elevation of this place is over 1,000 feet, seeing the water that high was quite upsetting. The dream must have been some psychic output from the flood phobia that comes from living in New Orleans.


You *became* a huge hockey fan *in SoCal*??!! That's... um... that's, uh, *perverse*. We're talking about a state where the sports report didn't even *give* the hockey scores, unless they had a minute of air time to fill, until the expansion Quackbrains, somehow, perversely, became good.

That would be sort of like my Conn.-raised self moving to hockey-mad Raleigh, N.C., and *then* becoming a huge hockey fan... ah well, it must have served you well when you met that special woman in Prague...

On the other hand, you *did* egg Vicki Lawrence's house, so I guess we're even, for now...


I was a hockey fan before I moved there. I worked for DEC, and we were about 3/4 of a mile from where the Kings practiced. I used to go there during lunch to watch the open practice. Season tickets were rarely used by the companies where I worked, and me and my Canuck friends could usually get freebies.

Life was good.

Then, they got Gretzky, and tickets became much harder to get. I'd still go, though.

That 1993 season still gives me heartburn. Curse you Marty McSorley!

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