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I've never known you as a man burdened by guilt, and I've read your blog daily for nearly two years.

It's funny how people like this assume you must suffer from the same afflictions they do if you display some sense of solidarity and compassion for your fellow man. Altruism and atheism or altruistic and agnosticism are polarized concepts in their minds...guilt has to be a factor in their assessment of other human beings. And worse yet, they can't see that a desire to quell suffering and hunger is beneficial to themselves as well as mankind in's simply game theory, not guilt.

The more I watch this country disintegrate, the more I understand the true damage unbridled capitalism has wrought on our collective and individual psyche.

When you've completely lost compassion for your fellow man, what is left of you?


Well. That was certainly interesting and uplifting. I love responsible commentary.


I know. Why do people believe that if you care about impoverished people and helping them lift themselves up, that you cannot possibly be successful?

Ray Ward

That guy doesn't know what he's talking about. I've seen your living room, and I happen to know that the framed photo is Sonny from "Dog Day Afternoon." Poor guy can't tell one Al Pacino character from another.


A little ray of sunshine, eh? Unfortunately, he's all too typical.


Ah yes more of those great Reagan "ideas" Obama likes to talk about so much.


Actually though. That email is a little over the top. I think someone may simply be baiting you.


Ooooh, you have a poster of Scarface? I'm so jealous.


Mr. Walter Morgan

matter = Walter Morgan


Usually we actually have to go out and search for the mooks! But this one has come right to us, like the legendary dorado (mahi-mahi) fish that jumped into a boat full of starving voyagers...

Is Stacy more successful than the Perfesser? Debatable. When was the last time anyone invited her to Poland or Bahrain to share her mproperty-flipping wisdom??

More money? Bah. Donald flippin' Trump could buy and sell both of them. And that proves? More intelligent? Demonstrably false. Better looking? Debatable -- and I'm a hetero male!

A quick trip to the assessor's database will show that The Man "probably doesn't rent". So what if he did? I rented, back in the day.

That's it. From that point on, it just degenerates into the sort of incoherent rant I associate with certain right-wing websites (like Mookie's???)

Oh, OK. It isn't a "crappy neighborhood", save for the lack of RTA and a place to make groceries, both of which can be solved with a car, which they have and I don't.

D-BB Phd

Ruben, one little slip asshole and there but for the grace of God, u just may go.

Also, your fucking sandwiches are overrated.


My god, Ashley, it's almost like he has a window into your soul.


The Walter Morgan connection is probably a red herring since it only exists in somebody's posting of a Nigeria scam email and so was likely a forgery.

However, if you google ruben210 you can find douchebags with that handle going around pissing off all kinds of people, including the Common Ground folks. Oh, and according to his Myspace, he's 14 and lives in San Antonio. Whereas Walter Morgan is Meemaw's appointee to the Louisiana Board of Barber Examiners.

Weird that he's got so much rage but the worst cuss word he can come up with is "puke". What a fucking assclown of a cunt he is.

Oh, and people I know who have "allot (sic) of money" generally don't go around talking about it. It's one of those weird facts of life...if you gotta talk about how rich you are, you probably aren't as rich as you think you are. Kinda like how people who advertise themselves as "classy" usually aren't. Talking about how classy you are is an unclassy thing.


Another inbred Texan. I told you about those farms that raise these people. I can provide photos on request.

Mr. Clio

I believe the gentleman was drinking and doing drugs when he wrote that. It's nice that ruben210 has a financial cushion to help him deal with his abuse of chemicals. Not everyone has that.

It also sounds like he has something very dark in his past that he feels very badly about.


Sounds like a troll to me.


I find Jeffrey's comment only slightly less stupid than the email.


He should take "allot of that money" and buy some spelling, grammar and punctuation.


"I flip houses."

Has this guy ever watched the Learning Channel shows on house flippers? Those are not the brightest bulbs in the pack. Yes, I know I'm preaching to the choir here. I just can't take it directly to the source...


Probably considers himself a Christian.

medical marijuana phoenix

People look it in a different way. They do have different approach when it comes to this thing.


Jed and Jennifer Finley / Wow, my eyes got all watery lonoikg at these pics. She is precious, and her name is beautiful. It will be such a joy, like I know it is with Evan, to learn about this little person God has entrusted to you and to hear His purpose for her and raise her up to be a success in His kingdom! Kids are a joy! Suzanne, I can't believe I've never met you and hope one day we can. I know you are all an awesome family, and we congratulate you in such a happy time! And hey, when the fog lifts, we need your address! (I threw away the envelope from your Christmas card silly gal ) Love you guys!


Oh my word! Thank you so much! The first one of Max and the monkey just makes me so happy! And the black and white one of Abby melts my heart.


Kim Gassiot / yeah! yeah! yeah!maren is beautiful (I mean the acutal child and the name, too!). it is crazy, she doesn't look like a canadian! please hug her and kiss her and tell her all about the folks back in texas that love her and will pray for her and can't wait to meet her.suz, you are a rockstar! i can't believe how quick it all went!we love y'all so much!kenny, kim,jonah, sydney, and baby ian

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