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Mr. Clio

Oh, man, I'm shocked. People who cut and run turn out to be short-sighted businesspeople? I'm really shocked.




What goes around, comes around. I'm glad to see they weren't rewarded for abandoning the city that made them who they are. We have more character in our pinkies than Orlando has in its entire mouse-infested, whitewashed vastness. Should have stayed home, buddy.

R. Eustis

A former source of mine in Atlanta, an exceptionally successful lawyer, wanted to eat at RC last time we met for a story. I told him there was no way I would eat there ever again, in any city.

He was surprised. He liked the food, loves New Orleans, used to eat at RC almost once a week. I told him about their abandonment of NOLA.

He was disgusted-- so much so he stopped eating there, too. Now he takes his substantial business (he has a lot of well-heeled clients who like red meat) elsewhere.



I had to decide rather to take my wife to Ruth's or Burger King for her birthday. I told her I was making the right choice!


There is a nice balance to life.


ahhh....that made my day.

R.'s really hard to beat Chops in Atlanta. That may have been the best steak I've ever eaten.




There's still one Metry, free Metry cheese comes along with it.


ms. ruth must be pulling some karma strings from her tomb in old metry cemetery.

gawd that was one sweet old broad.


Ooooooo, Dambala, Chops is wonderful (I like the slightly more casual "Oyster Bar" downstairs) but my favorite Atlanta steak house is Bone's: perfect food and elegant service. Best. Hollandaise. Ever. And the "private" booths are lovely. Next time you visit, try Bone's.

As for Ruth's Chris: karma's a bitch.


I hope the bastards drown in red ink!

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